TAXIBOX Promotes Kids Under Cover’s ‘Donate Your Car’ Program

You may have noticed that we partner up with a lot of charities, running campaigns at various times throughout the year to raise funds for some amazing causes. We’re not always in a position to get straight onto partnering up with charities that approach us because we plan ahead of time, so earlier this year when Kids Under Cover approached us we were champing at the bit to be working with them. With Christmas just around the corner, we wanted to throw a spotlight on one of the initiatives Kids Under Cover runs which we thought would be a nice entrée into doing something further at a later date.


Kids Under Cover - Donate Your Car

Christmas is a very busy time of year for TAXIBOX (and everyone else), and it’s so easy to forget that there are many people for whom Christmas is not such a joyous season. Kids Under Cover is all about preventing youth homelessness and this time of year is a hotbed of events that can push a young person to leave home.


Homelessness is a significant issue that seems to be growing – just look around your city centre at night. Sadly, it is the vulnerable who often end up finding themselves sleeping rough, and even sadder is vulnerable young people finding themselves in this situation. The prevalence of youth homelessness is actually more than you would witness on the streets – young people don’t tend to fit the stereotype of homelessness. They are rarely seen sleeping on streets or in parks, but instead couch-surf with friends or extended family. When it comes to tackling this issue, Kids Under Cover believe prevention is more effective than a cure. The centre of Kids Under Cover’s work is the Studio Program, which provides accommodation for young people at risk of homelessness. The idea here is a relocatable studio is installed in the backyard of an existing dwelling. Oftentimes young people who have been experiencing difficulties at home move in with a foster carer, relative, etc. In these homes there may already be a full house and adding more people to the household adds a lot of strain which can make matters worse. By providing an additional dwelling out the back, the at-risk young person is provided with their own space, yet are not completely independent, remaining connected to family, community and education.


A project like this is a massive undertaking which requires a lot of funding. There are many ways people and businesses can support the work of Kids Under Cover, simply visit the website here. For the next month or so our TAXIBOXES will be delivered along with a brochure from Kids Under Cover promoting their Donate Your Car® program.


Donate Your Car® is Kids Under Cover’s very own social enterprise initiative, developed to raise funds to support the organisation. This innovative scheme sees people donating their old and unwanted (or maybe quite new and flashy) vehicles to Kids Under Cover who will then auction it and use the proceeds to fund their programs which help support young people at risk of homelessness.


Donating a car is a pretty big deal, but if you’re thinking of selling your car anyway, this is a really hassle-free alternative. Plus, your donation is 100% tax deductible! If you’ve got a few old cars sitting in your yard that you’ve been meaning to get rid of, this could be the perfect solution and you get something out of it. Find out more here.

Donate Your Car and Kids Under Cover

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