Introducing our newly released Customer Portal V2

Tired of waiting on hold just to make a simple request or ask a question about your storage unit? Say goodbye to those frustrating moments because with our newly built customer portal, managing your TAXIBOX experience has never been easier or more convenient. Let’s dive into how our portal empowers you to take control of your storage needs without having to pick up the phone.

Need More Space?

Order an extra TAXIBOX πŸš• πŸ“¦ directly through our portal and seamlessly add it to your existing booking. Enjoy the convenience of additional storage without the headache of coordinating multiple deliveries.


Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Life is full of unexpected changes πŸ€, but managing your storage shouldn’t add to the stress. Our customer portal now offers the flexibility to adjust booking dates with ease. Whether your plans shift at the last minute, or you simply need more time, you can quickly update your schedule online, no questions asked.

Account Management Made Simple (incl. $$ Stuff)

Update your contact details, manage payments, and even transfer ownership of your account with ease through our customer portal. Whether you’ve moved to a new address or simply need to update your phone number, keeping your information current has never been more straightforward.

Access Made Easy

Gone are the days of waiting for business hours to request access of your belongings. With our customer portal, you can submit an access request to visit your TAXIBOX! Simply let us know when you want to swing by or prefer to have it re-delivered to you to access it as your place.

Re-delivery or Transfer?

Ready to get your TAXIBOX returned to you? Easy. Want it moved to one of our facilities around the country? Even easier. You can easily schedule your re-delivery online. We request at least 7 days notice for local re-deliveries and 14 days for interstate re-deliveries.

Personalised Touch

Introducing a fun new feature: personalised IDs for your TAXIBOX πŸ‘§ πŸ‘¦! Give your unit its own identity with a name that brings a smile to your face. Whether you prefer Monica, Joey, or something entirely unique, organising your storage just got a whole lot sweeter.


Space Matters: Explore More Than Storage

Quick access to a variety of resources including our Survival Kit, offering expert tips on optimising your TAXIBOX experience, from packing and organising your belongings to managing your account like a pro. Explore “Friends of TAXIBOX”, where we curate resources to help you declutter, organise, and simplify your life, both inside and outside of your TAXIBOX. Because creating space isn’t just about storing your belongings – it’s about making space for what truly matters.

Spread the Love, Reap the Rewards

Had a great experience with TAXIBOX? 🀟Share the love with friends and family, and we’ll show our appreciation with vouchers, discounts, and other exciting rewards. Because good karma deserves to be rewarded, and we’re all about spreading positivity.

Experience the convenience and flexibility of our customer portal for yourself. Whether you’re managing your booking, updating your account, or referring a friend, everything you need is just a click away. Say hello to stress-free storage with TAXIBOX. Visit our Customer Portal today!

Miss Your TAXIBOX?

We miss you too. Schedule a visit through our customer portal. Easy!

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