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Moving interstate to Perth Fremantle with TAXIBOX

If you’ve been thinking about moving to Perth, you’ve come to the right place. Perth’s the place to be if you’re really looking to shake things up. Stunning beaches, 10/10 weather, and a pretty promising chance of a great work/life balance if you ask the locals. As one of the most isolated cities in the world, Perth can offer you the kind of life you can’t get anywhere else in Australia.

Moving interstate to a city that far from the rest of the country isn’t exactly a walk in the park (we’re talking 2000kms from the nearest major city). If you go with TAXIBOX, we can make the move easier on you, but hold on, we’ll get to that later… first, let’s talk Perth. What’s all the fuss about?

Why Move to Perth?

Considering moving to Perth to escape your mother-in-law on the other side of the country? Whether you’re trying to keep your distance from the rest of Aus, or you just want to work on your tan, there are a few convincing reasons that might convince you to pack up for WA…

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  • Soak up some sun: Did you know? Perth soaks up over 3000 hours of sunshine every year. If that’s not a reason to move somewhere, we don’t know what is.
  • Enjoy the day trips: Perth itself is great, but after moving to WA, you’ll have all kinds of beautiful places at your fingertips, only an hour or two’s drive from home.
  • It’s easy to get around: The public transport system is as convenient as can be. Bus, train, ferry, get from A to B however you please.
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Figure Out Where You Want to Live

As one of the smaller cities in the country, not all Australians are up to date with Perth’s city layout. Before you set down roots, it’s worth doing your research on the suburbs layout across the city, so that you can get a clearer idea of where suits you.

Remember – an area you love visiting might end up being completely different to an area you love living in. Try asking for some local advice.

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If you’re looking for affordability… you’re in luck. Perth is generally cheaper to live in when compared to the expensive cities on Australia’s East Coast. Whether you’re renting or buying a place, Armidale, Medina and Camillo are not too expensive in today’s market.

If you’re looking for somewhere family-friendly… Perth’s the place to be! Try Joondanna or Armadale or Merriwa for great schools and parks.

If you go out a lot… try inner-suburbs like East Perth, Northbridge or Scarborough where all the restaurants and cafes Perth is known for are only a stone’s throw away (not that throwing a stone is going to help you – try walking, you are walking-distance after all)!

Decide on a Budget 

It’s a lot cheaper than cities like Sydney, but Perth isn’t the cheapest place to live, depending on what you do for a living and where you end up finding a place. The best way to start planning your move? Writing up a (realistic) budget, that takes into account the kind of cashola you spend on the regular.

Things to include in your budget:

  • Rent: on average, a 1-bedroom place in Perth’s city will be approximately $500 a week, while a 3-bedroom place in the suburbs could range anywhere between $800 to $1400 a week.
  • Food: lunch in the suburbs will set you back about $20 ,in the city about $25-30, depending on where you want to go.
  • Average pills per month: what you currently pay is a good estimate.
  • Transport: Perth’s fare system covers bus, trains, and the ferry, with fares being a few dollars each, based on the zone you’re in, and how many zones you cross into. At max, a day rider’s fare will set you back $10.
  • Treating yourself: really depends on how you like to treat yourself (just keep in mind that Perth is tempting for spending on eating out, especially if you’re a foodie).

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Do All the Must-Dos

Whether you’re considering moving there or not, Perth is a great place to visit. Make your mind up by making a vacation out of it: LOOK AT ITS TINY HANDS TRYING TO JUGGLE 💀#straya #onlyinaustralia #quokka #quokkagang ♬ original sound –
  • Take a selfie with a quokka. Who wouldn’t want a photo with WA’s biggest celebrity, the quokka? Plus, Rottnest Island is pretty beautiful too.
  • Spend a day in Cottlesloe, aka one of Australia’s most iconic beaches. Swim, surf, watch the sunset (you’ve got no excuses, it’s only a 15 min drive from the city).
  • See the city from Swan River. If you want to see the city the WA way, take a scenic cruise along the Swan River all the way to Fremantle.

Eat Your Way Around Perth

Melbourne and Sydney might like to think they’re the food and culture capitals of Australia, but Perth’s a pretty strong contender in that scene. Try some of the new places popping up, or a few of the institutions that people write home about:

  • Wine n’ dine at Balthazar. Inside an old Art Deco building in the heart of Perth, Balthazar has got all the goods: think local produce, great wine, and Euro-inspired dining.
  • Try the coffee at Cheerio. If you’re after cheaper eats, Cheerio Coffee has got all the baked goods you could possibly need (especially if the baked goods you’re craving = cinnamon buns).
  • Find out what “local” really tastes like at Wildflower. If you really want to celebrate WA, try Wildflower: a restaurant that focuses on local, native ingredients from the indigenous six-season calendar.

Do as the Locals Do

You can’t take a trip to Perth without living like the locals do. It wouldn’t be an insider’s guide without some local advice:

  • Wander around Fremantle Markets. Grab some produce for the week, or pick up some gifts to send to your interstate mates (if convincing them to visit you for the WA beaches isn’t doing the trick, bribery with gifts will).  
  • Have a picnic in Kings Park. The perfect spot to have some lunch, right in the heart of Perth CBD.
  • Go cocktail bar hopping along Margaret River. Your instinct might be to soak up the Margaret River views over a glass of wine at a local winery (which we’re all for), but if you really want to live like a local? Try the cocktail bars nearby.

Moving to Perth? Let’s Get You Started

Moving interstate can be quite a challenge, especially if the city you have your heart set on is thousands of kilometres away. By booking with TAXIBOX, you can get the whole job done without all the hassle – meaning you get to focus on all the other good stuff (like which beach you’re going to tick off your to-visit list first).

Pack your whole life into a TAXIBOX and get it shipped directly to your new WA place. If you have some sight-seeing to do in-between moves, we can even store your stuff for the timebeing. Just make sure you send your TAXIBOX a postcard while you’re on your west coast adventures… your stuff misses you while you’re gone!

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