Major Milestones TAXIBOX Hit This Year: A 2022 Round-Up

The TAXIBOX Team inside our TAXIBOX Braeside facility

2022. What a year! For TAXIBOX, a year without lockdowns was the year we were waiting for. We spent the past twelve months achieving all our goals, which meant one thing: we achieved a LOT. In case you missed it, here’s a round-up of all the milestones we hit as a business in 2022… from new service areas, new cities, and even a line of TAXIJOX (we’ll explain later – just keep reading).

We Launched in Radelaide

Let’s start off this round-up with a bang (drumroll please)… we made it to South Australia!

Since September, we’re officially servicing Adelaide, and it’s been a hit down south. We’ve been working hard to provide the exceptional experience we’re known for across our existing operational areas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and it’s paid off.

Thanks for all your support and for all the love as we set ourselves up. Now we know how much you Adelaidans love yellow – we’re yet to confirm if anyone actually calls you guys “Adelaidans” though.

We Set Up in Derrimut, and Made it to Geelong

We’re always busy in the background setting up new facilities, as a way of expanding our existing services and increasing our delivery range. This year, we did exactly that by bolstering our “wessssst-side” presence down in Melbourne, when we launched our sparkly new Derrimut facility.

Thanks to our new location in Derrimut, we’re now able to operate more efficiently in Melbourne’s western suburbs and surrounds, which means we’ve finally made it to our friends over in Geelong.

If you live outside of our current delivery range and you’ve been wanting a TAXIBOX delivered to your door, watch this space. We’re planning to continue pulling off big things in 2023, new cities included (here’s looking at you, Western Australia). That’s right. We really mean it when we say west-side!

We Launched a Line of TAXIBOXFIED Merchandise

We designed a whole line of TAXIBOX merchandise

We’re not sure if you noticed already… but we’re big fans of the colour yellow. So much so that we released a whole line of TAXIBOXFIED merchandise this year… before, we had TAXISOX, now we have a whole collection: TAXIBAGS, TAXIJOX, and our personal favourite: TAXITOY Trucks.

What started as a bit of a joke around TAXIBOX HQ has made its way into a full-fledged production line. Soon, you’ll be able to make a whole outfit out of our merch alone. Perfect for anyone that has plans to dress up as a TAXIBOX next Halloween… any takers?

If you have a little one in your life that would love a TAXITOY Truck of their own (or even if you’re an adult, we don’t judge), ask your driver on delivery day how to get your hands on one of your own.

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We Invested in Sustainable Tech

We’re always keen to invest in innovative technology, and this year, we made a big addition to the technology within our business. All. Electric. Forklifts.

Believe it or not, these forklifts are the first of their kind. They’re quiet, efficient, and most importantly, better for the environment. We were thrilled to be the first in Australia to purchase Moffett’s all-electric, environmentally friendly, truck mounted forklifts, and even more excited to find out we’re the first mobile storage business to get our hands on one globally.

Turns out going green goes great with TAXIBOX yellow, don’t you think?

We Supported Some New 10/10 Partners

TAXIBOX lending a hand at Red Cross' charity donation drive

We’re always excited to support charities and businesses that align with TAXIBOX, and this year, we showed up at some stand-out partnership events.

You may have spotted us on the news a few months back, at the Uber Australia and Australian Red Cross donation drive, collecting quality donations across QLD and NSW, at large scale events like the V8 Supercars, Bathurst 1000, and Beyond the Valley, or at AAMI Park’s Melbourne City FC games, which we’ve been proudly supporting this season.

We’ve also been thrilled to set up new partnerships with the real estate teams at Ray White Commercial and Wilson Agents, and aligned ourselves with Movinghub, who help customers make the stressful process of moving simple and seamless.

Interested in partnering with us, or know of a charity that’s in need of a helping hand? Reach out to us anytime – we’re eager to do even more of this good stuff in 2023.

We Continued to Grow the TAXIBOX Team

Catching up with the TAXIBOX Team this Christmas season

With a growing list of goals on our list every year, we’ve needed more hands on the deck at TAXIBOX HQ. Our team has grown quiiiiite a bit in the last few years, and 2022 was no different! It’s been the best part of the day-to-day at TAXIBOX, seeing new faces joining our growing team and continuing to work on the culture that makes our team want to show up to work every day.

After a fair share of lockdowns getting in the way of getting together over the last few years, we had a great time catching up in 2022 – with Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Adelaide TAXIBOXERS making the trip to spend some quality time together as a team.

All in All… We Had a Big 2022!

Thanks for all the support this year. We couldn’t have knocked it out of the park if it wasn’t for you.

As big as 2022 was, we can’t wait for an even bigger 2023. Watch this space for more big news, including new service areas, new cities, and hopefully, even more additions to the merch line (anything can be TAXIBOXFIED if you try, right)?

In the meantime, don’t forget – you’re only one TAXIBOX away for making space for more big things in 2023.

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