Preparing Your Cool Room for Loading

We like to keep things cool at TAXIBOX, but – to ensure things don’t get heated between us (ba-dum tisch) – here are some guidelines to ensure I, your TAXIBOX Cool Room, stay chill. My TAXIBOX friends cannot be held responsible for misuse, so this is now between you and me…

  1. Get ready for my delivery date: Cool Rooms are a little taller than other TAXIBOXES, so please keep this in mind when planning my delivery destination! I’ll need a 2.4m height clearance to get into place.
  1. Use a heavy-duty extension lead: It’s your responsibility to ensure I am plugged in at all times (please check me routinely) and that only one extension lead (heavy duty, max. 25m in length) connects me to my power supply (fun fact: you can plug me into any normal outlet you have at home). 
  1. Do not use powerboards: Keep in mind that, in order to reach the temperature your heart desires, I require a good source of consistent electricity (I take all the power from a normal powerpoint to really get going). Please don’t run any other appliances from the same power source as this will dilute my energy. Keep in mind that customers are held liable for any damage caused by misuse.
  1. Do not cover the compressor grill: Please lay off my external grill, i.e. make sure it’s kept clear at all times, to prevent any overheating. Don’t leave any items against my grill – even if it’s only temporarily.
  1. Keep the door closed: Once I have reached the desired temperature, the door must be kept closed when you are not packing or un-packing items. I am not an air-conditioner, tempting as it might be to hide out in me on a hot day (!) and I will likely throw a tantrum (aka mechanical issues) if you leave the door open for extended periods.
  1. Load it gooood: It takes approximately 30 minutes for me to reach the desired temperature once plugged in. Ensure the items you need to be cooled quickly are spaced apart; items stacked on top of each other can work to insulate the items below them – so their temperature will decrease. 
  1. Prepare your exit: If you feel like you’re trapped inside your Cool Room, never fear! You’re not trapped. Strike or kick this green knob to exit. 

7. Never fear: In case of emergency, I have a bell in my interior you can ring at any time.

Please note: failure to follow the above may cause damage to the Cool Room. Costs incurred to repair the unit due to misuse will be passed onto customers.