Need Storage for Travel? Here’s How to Store Your Stuff When You’re Away

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Planning an overseas trip always starts with the fun stuff. Where are you going to go? Somewhere Instagram-esque. How are you going to get there? On a plane, obviously. What are you gonna do with all your stuff while you’re gone? Figure out storage for travel… a little reluctantly, because it’s the least fun part of travel planning.

Turns out figuring out long term storage for travel doesn’t have to be such a buzzkill. Store all the important stuff in your apartment in an affordable storage unit (like a TAXIBOX mobile storage Adelaide, mobile storage Brisbane, mobile storage Gold Coast, mobile storage Melbourne, mobile storage Perth and mobile storage Sydney) and you can transform your place into a decent sublet.

TAXIBOX will keep your stuff secure while you travel the world, and your subtenant will make you a little extra pocket money. Win-win, right? Even if you own your place, the extra cash won’t go astray, and it’ll for sure cover the storage costs. All you have to do is figure out what stuff is coming with, and what stuff is staying home, in a TAXIBOX.

Sort Out What’s Coming With You

So. Which stuff is making the trek and coming along for the ride? There’s a few easy things you can tick off the list, straight off the bat. Decent walking shoes. Your passport. A pair of sunglasses you’re prepared to lose as soon as you get there. But what about the rest of your stuff?

Your best bet is to practice packing, ahead of your trip (as in, definitely not the night before). Don’t spend too long on this step, it should be pretty intuitive – you’re not going to fit your entire vinyl collection in your carry-on, so don’t bother trying. Anything you forget, you should be able to buy once you get there anyway. 

Pack your bags with everything you’re going to need on your trip and take a look at what’s left. From here, you can start your storing plans.

Categorise the Stuff That’s Left 

The stuff you’re left staring at, you should categorise. Seperate everything into two piles: stuff you don’t need, and stuff you do need (and most importantly, will want to see when you get back to home soil).


Don’t Need It?

Sorting out long term storage for travel is the perfect excuse to declutter. There’s no use wasting valuable storage space with stuff you’re just going to get rid of once you get home. Get ahead of yourself and start purging the stuff you have no use for.

  • Sell it. Anything you don’t need that’s still worth something, you should sell. Be really sure you’re ready to sell it on, though — anything that you’re on the fence about about, you should just store.
  • Donate it. Use the term “donate” generously here. Donate to your local goodwill, people in your local Facebook groups searching for hand-me-downs, or if worse comes to worst, your curb on hard rubbish weekend (someone might drive by and save it from the bin).
  • Bin it. If it’s a piece of junk that no one would pick up, even on the side of the road with a “FOR FREE, PLEASE TAKE” sign taped across it, just bite the bullet and bin it.

Keeping It?

Anything you’re keeping for when you get back, you should store safely. Whether that’s locked in a closet out of arm’s reach of your housesitter or in a TAXIBOX is up to you (although we obviously we recommend the latter, promise we’re not biased though).

Wondering what stuff is worth storing? Here’s a few examples to get you started.

  • Out-of-season clothing considering the hemisphere you’re travelling to
  • Valuables, sentimental stuff
  • Furniture you don’t want your housesitter to ruin
  • Your entire library (audiobooks are a lot easier to lug around)
Need to travel light?

Put all your heavy stuff in our storage calculator.

Get Everything Out of Your Place…

Now, it’s time to get your stuff out of your place (to make space for your subletter, of course)! Nobody wants your stuff crowding their space while you’re gone, so now’s the time to get it out of the way.

By “out of the way” we don’t just mean out of your place… we also mean your parent’s place, your in-law’s place, your best mate’s place, your garden shed, you get the gist. All your stuff should be going in a storage unit, where it’s extra secure and not in anybody’s way.

Our tip? Book a TAXIBOX and let us take care of your stuff while you’re gone. Please don’t give us your pets, though. While we can look after these kinds of fluffy friends…


…you should definitely find someone nice to look after your actual pets. We’re not pet sitters, we’re stuff storers.

You should make sure your valuables are kept safe in one our facilities, at minimum. You don’t want to leave your extra special stuff out for your subletter, only for it to miraculously “disappear”, do you? Or, even worse, you don’t want to leave it at your parent’s place, where it will also miraculously disappear, because your mum’s a space cadet and can’t remember where she put it when you left 6 months ago.

…and Into a TAXIBOX

If you’re looking for an easy, competitively priced solution to answer your storage for travel pleas, look no further. TAXIBOX is the go-to:

  • We’ll store your stuff, for however long you need. Even if you extend your trip, you’re sorted. It’s super easy to extend your storage with us via our customer portal, which is entirely online (no phone calls needed, which is a huge win for your phone plan). Same goes if you come home early – we’ll only charge you for what you use, and rerate your storage for you once you’re home.
  • We’ve got prices that suit your budget. You’ve got travel expenses, you’re on a budget, we get it. Luckily for you, TAXIBOX is competitively priced, so your storage costs won’t set you back. You can get an instant quote anytime here.
  • Once you’re home, we’ll deliver your stuff straight back. We’ll deliver your TAXIBOX to you so you can pack at your own pace, we’ll take it back to our secure facility, and bring it back once you’re home, safe and sound. Even if you move to a new place after your round-the-world trip, you can get your stuff delivered to your new address. It’s as easy as that.

Our advice? Get your storage for travel sorted ASAP so you can cross it off the list. You can book your TAXIBOX online anytime. Once you have your travel storage booked, you can get on with the good stuff (i.e. looking up every restaurant on your itinerary and planning out every delicious meal you’re going to have, months before you get there).

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