TAXIBOX Fully Operational During Lockdown With 100% Contactless Delivery


Yep, we’re essential. Because of how TAXIBOX works, we can continue operating as normal, thanks to our 100% contactless delivery method. Nothing gets in our way, not even a global pandemic that feels like it will never end (probably a weird flex, but just run with it, trying to keep things light here). 


Your stuff is essential, which is exactly why we’re essential. Lockdown or not, you still need your stuff taken care of. If you need help moving or you need access to your self storage during lockdown, TAXIBOX is your go-to. You can still access your belongings at our facilities, and we can still deliver your TAXIBOX for access on your property.

Keeping You Busy Throughout Lockdown…

Rain, hail, global pandemic or shine, we’re all good to keep providing you with TAXIBOX services, whether you’re:

If you’ve been meaning to start working on a new project at home, now’s the time. You’re stuck inside with nothing but your stuff to keep you company. 

So… why not make the most of it? Start that DIY renovation project. Declutter your spare room. Organise your wardrobe. Sure, lockdown might hold you back from living your best life beyond your front door, but it can’t stop you from making the most of self storage during lockdown and living your best life at home.

Get a TAXIBOX and you can finally get around to those at-home projects (nothing else left to distract us now, COVID’s overstayed its welcome and we finished all the puzzles last year). 

…While We Keep Stuff Safe and Sanitised

We’re as business as usual as we can be, as we continue to flip between COVID normal and COVID not-so-normal. All that’s changed is the extra precautions we’re taking to keep everyone* safe, so we can keep providing you with self storage during lockdown.

*You, our TAXIBOX team and your TAXIBOX

Here’s how we’re operating, and how you can help us out…


Masks On

Your driver will be wearing a mask. All TAXIBOX drivers making deliveries in lockdown restrictions are required to wear a mask at all times when they’re out in public.

If you’re visiting one of our facilities, we’d appreciate it if you masked up too (we’ve all forgotten what to do with our faces this past year anyway, so it’s a win-win really).  

Elbow Bumps Only

It’s the COVID greeting for a reason: now’s not the time to shake hands.

We’ve asked our team at TAXIBOX to avoid shaking hands with our customers. Don’t worry, though, we’re still polite; we’re all for a polite wave or an elbow bump when it comes to greeting our customers. 

Whether you’re getting a TAXIBOX delivered or visiting one of our facilities, we’d appreciate it if you could maintain a 1.5m distance where you can and keep your hands washed (avoid handing out high-fives).

No Need to Interact with Other Humans (Finally)

We’ve never required signatures for our deliveries, and we’re not planning on changing that now, when everyone’s scared to borrow a pen. 

Normally, you would need to sign when accessing your TAXIBOX. Now, our team can sign on your behalf when you need to access your stuff, so you don’t have to touch anything. All we need is your permission (no need to lend us a pen). 

Monitoring Our Health Closely

We take care of our staff here at TAXIBOX. If our drivers are feeling unwell or showing any symptoms or signs of illness, we make sure they stay at home. 

Same goes for all of our staff here at TAXIBOX. We make sure that all our TAXIBOXERS remain at home whenever they’re feeling less than 100%. 

If you’re feeling unwell, follow government health guidelines: please don’t visit your TAXIBOX until you’re feeling better. We’re happy to wait.

If you’re visiting one of our facilites, we’d appreciate it if you only touch your own stuff (in your TAXIBOX) when you’re on-site.


We’re looking forward to returning to a smoother COVID normal sometime soon, without all the lockdown speedbumps. While the rest of your life might feel a little bumpy, you can at least rely on TAXIBOX to continue running smoothly. 

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