Kat John’s Surefire Guide to Making Space in Your Head

Authenticity coach and headspace saver Kat John walks us through making more space in your life

Here at TAXIBOX, we’re all about making space. The stuff in our lives takes up valuable space in our heads (you might not think your overcrowded garage is the culprit for your stressed out headspace, but you’d be surprised). We wanted to help you out with a fool-proof, headspace-saving guide, so we asked the expert: Kat John. 

You might know Kat John already, for the ZEROFKS Movement she’s inspired (not noticing it is basically impossible, it’s all in the name. You can’t miss it). As an authenticity coach, podcast host and meditation teacher, Kat inspires her audience around the world to be accountable for their own lives, and to save their fks for the stuff that truly matters. 

We spoke to Kat to find out how she makes space in her head, given all of the stuff going on in her life. We took a few of her pointers so you can make a little space yourself (we’re all in this together, folks). 

Let the Fresh Air In

If it’s all starting to feel a little too much — let’s assume it is, because you’ve already read this far — it’s about time you took a step outside. 

When you’re starting to feel a little claustrophobic in your own headspace, a breath of fresh air can do wonders. “To get the space I need, I go outside,” says Kat. “That can be in my car, along the canal or at the beach. As an empath, I feel everyone’s energy on steroids so I need to remove myself. When it’s just me, [my partner] Steve and the pooch, I open the windows upstairs, play my tunes with a journal and pen by my side, and do my daily practice.”

Our physical space impacts our mental space in more ways than we realise. If you’re feeling cramped, a great way to clear your head is to clear up your surroundings a little. Whether you’re taking a step outside for yourself or creating a stress-free space in your home, taking the time to do so will really help you clear out some of your mental clutter.

Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

You’re busy, we get it. Meditating can feel like a waste of time when you’ve got a to-do list that never ends, but trust us, taking the time out of your day to meditate can do a lot of good. 

If you don’t trust us, trust Kat, who believes the real reason people don’t take the time to meditate is due to a discomfort they have with their own company. 

“The pressure people put on themselves to have “no thoughts” during meditation is unrealistic and a sure way to keep resisting meditation. I believe the reason most people resist it is because they know they’re going to be uncomfortable at first, and the ego isn’t a fan of being uncomfortable. Deep down people know they’re going to hear their inner truth speak up about the way they’re living their life, which offers the opportunity to change.”


Kat believes that everyone has the time to meditate, it’s just that not everyone makes it a priority. Her advice? Get comfortable with being uncomfortable: “be okay with it not being easy. Be okay with change finding you because somewhere inside you want and need it.”

Figure Out What’s in Your Way

If you really want to take your life – and your headspace – and change things up, you have to acknowledge who’s in charge. You. “How we choose to structure our lives is in your hands, but at times we don’t think it is,” explains Kat. We’re conditioned to believe things are in the way of reaching complete clarity, when in reality, we’re the ones in charge. 

The solution? Know your values. “When you know what your core values are and define them for yourself, you can star to ask yourself if you’re living them or not. And if not, why not?”

What do you think is in your way? Too much on your plate? Too much stuff in your headspace? No matter what it might be getting all up in your space, you have the power to make change. Get started by figuring out what’s wrong, and from there, you can figure out how to right it.

Don’t Wait for the Golden Ticket, Find It Yourself

Spending all your time staring at the wrong in your life distracts you from the changes you can make to right those wrongs. Instead, hone in on your end result, and figure out how you can get there on your own.

“Ask yourself: what’s in your way? Then you can determine what you’re prepared to do to live your core values and make the changes necessary, even if they’re going to be hard at first, so you can live a life that feels more like yours.”


“Don’t focus on not being stressed, focus on the true end result that you want for yourself,” Kat suggests. “Imagine yourself peaceful, present and grounded. Whilst you’re there, ask yourself: ‘what can I do today to bring me closer to this way of life?’ The more you imagine yourself this way and the more you ask those questions, the more answers will begin to reveal themselves to you.”

To put it simply, in Kat’s own words: your own answers are “your Willy Wonka golden ticket to your desired outcome.” You heard it here first. No need to wait for the positive change and the luck-would-have it golden ticket when you can go out and get it sorted yourself. 

Pair a Clear Headspace with a Clear (Actual) Space

Our advice? No matter how much you try to clear up your headspace, you’re never going to get there if your physical space is clogged up with clutter. Space in your head partners incredibly well with space in your life, and we’re here to help you get there. 

TAXIBOX is self storage, delivered to you. We make lives easier, no matter what your life is made up of – whether you’re decluttering your cramped-at-home-office, renovating your nightmare kitchen into a dream kitchen, moving to a new place, or just straight up storing, we can help you out. We deliver, you pack, we store. If you’re looking for a hands-on tactic to get you started clearing out your headspace, book yourself a TAXIBOX.  

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