Q: Where Can I Get a TAXIBOX Delivered? A: Pretty Much Anywhere

Customers can get TAXIBOXES delivered even in out of the way locations

You’re playing Twenty Questions with a TAXIBOX. Before you know it, you’re nearing the end of the game, and every question you’ve asked has sounded a little something like this: “Can I get my TAXIBOX delivered _______?” Almost every answer your TAXIBOX gave you was the same: “yes, you can!” Good news is, you can save yourself the hassle of playing the game in the first place (or at least ask more curious questions next time). Find out every which and every where you can get a TAXIBOX delivered right here.

At Your Place, On Your Property 

Get your TAXIBOX delivered at your place on your property

If you’ve got space at your place, we can deliver your TAXIBOX right there. Whether it’s your…

  • Driveway
  • Front lawn
  • Backyard
  • Carport
  • Wherever else

…we can drop your TAXIBOX there. It’s like magic: blink and your Mobile Storage will be at your place before you know it (just hold the blink for a bit longer than you normally would, and ignore the forklift beeping, lend us a little imagination, pls).

As long as we have enough access and you have enough space on your property, we can do it. This is our most popular option for a reason, it’s one of our most flexible delivery solutions. You get all the time in the world to pack, and you hardly have to step out the front door to actually do the packing.

If you get your TAXIBOX delivered to your backyard, you can even pack in your PJs, if you want (you can pack in your PJs no matter where you get your TAXIBOX delivered, really. Just depends on how comfy you are with your neighbours… or if you’ve already hit the age where you’ve given up on getting dressed).

Keep in Mind: If the access at your place is a little tricky – say, you’ve got a steep driveway that’s note-worthy, or you live off a busy road – our drivers need a heads up so they can take it into account when they’re arranging your delivery. Remember, happy wife, happy life (get your wife to move her car before the TAXIBOX arrives, before she has to go to work).

Out the Front, On Your Street

Get your TAXIBOX delivered out the front, on your street

Don’t have the space at your place? Get your TAXIBOX delivered on-street. We’ll park it out the front, just like any ol’ car. Here’s how it works…

  1. We stick a registered trailer onto your TAXIBOX and park it on the street, outside your place
  2. You pack at your own pace (we can keep your TAXIBOX on-street for up to 1 day)
  3. We come collect your stuff the next day, you wave goodbye to your stuff – we’ll see you on the other side!

On-street delivery is the perfect solution if you haven’t got a driveway, a big yard, or a carport. If your space is on the smaller-side and you’re a fixed gear bike fanatic in the inner-city, this solution is solid.

Keep in Mind: If you live on a tricky street with a clearway or parking restrictions, give us a heads up ahead of time and we can let you know what to do (and don’t forget to save a 1 1/2 car-sized parking space for your TAXIBOX so you’ve got somewhere to put it when it arrives)!

On a Busy Street (We Can Wait On-Site)

Get your TAXIBOX delivered on your busy street

If you live on a busy street – or you’re just a super busy person that doesn’t have time to wait a whole day to get your TAXIBOX moved from point A to point B – we can still help you out. Even if you live on a hectic street in the middle of Fitzroy that only has metered parking as far as the eye can see, we can still deliver a TAXIBOX. You just have to pack it pretty quick.

Speedy customers without space for a TAXIBOX can get their Mobile Storage delivered on-street; our drivers will wait for up to 30 minutes for you to pack and load, then we’ll be on our way. 

This is the perfect solution for anyone that’s a) not got enough space b) speedy and feels like they’ve got something to prove or c) only got a handful of things to store. 

Keep in Mind: When your TAXIBOX arrives, you’ve gotta be ready to go. Our drivers are running on your schedule – and we don’t want them to be late for their next customer – so you’ve gotta make sure you squeeze all your stuff into your TAXIBOX by the time that 30 minutes is up. We believe in you! 

All We Need? Enough Access

We can get a TAXIBOX delivered virtually anywhere, all we need is the access. With enough space, we can make it happen, whether that’s on your street, in your driveway, out in your backyard, wherever! And remember, if you haven’t got the space anywhere near your place, you can always bring your stuff to one of our facilities and load your TAXIBOX there.

Basically, all we need is an average car’s worth of space, but if you’re after some specifics, we need:

  • A width clearance of 1.6m (if delivering to an entrance of a driveway)
  • A width clearance of 2.5m (if delivering down a driveway or a laneway)
  • A height clearance of 2.3m (if delivering under a garage or a carport)

And remember, if you’re getting your TAXIBOX delivered on-street, all you need is 1 1/2 car’s worth of space. Easy.

Sound like your space? Then what are you waiting for? Get a TAXIBOX delivered to your place today, ASAP, right this second, in a blink… stop us anytime… by booking online.

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We can deliver virtually anywhere. Seriously.

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