How to Prepare for Your TAXIBOX

Made a date with your TAXIBOX and counting down the days before its delivery? We’re looking forward to meeting you too. While you wait, why not prepare for your TAXIBOX’s arrival? 

By preparing your belongings ahead of time, you can be eeeextra confident that everything will be re-delivered to you in its original condition, since you took such great care packing it all up. Here are some of our tips…

Declutter Ahead of Time

Decluttering might feel like a chore, but trust us: when you’re moving, it’s much less of a chore to get rid of non-essentials. There’s no point hauling all that stuff over to your new place, only to realise you don’t need it anymore once you get there.

We’re more than happy to store your entire life in TAXIBOXES if that’s what your heart desires, but not if it’s at the cost of your sanity (and your bank account… there’s no need to pay for extra TAXIBOXES if they’re all full of stuff you’re not keen on anymore). If you can avoid storing the stuff you don’t really need, you might as well. Save that space for the stuff you actually like!

Figure out what’s coming along for the ride before your TAXIBOX arrives, so you know exactly what’s going where, and what’s staying behind. Thank us later.

Use the Right Packing Materials 

By making the most of your supplies — think moving blankets, butcher’s paper, bubble wrap, and all the other good stuff — you can restrict movement in transit to ensure all your items will be kept safe and sound. 

We suggest you buy your boxes instead of taking the questionable cardboard hand-me-downs. Boxes are typically made with recycled materials (ours are at least!), so you can rest easy during your move; you’re not damaging our lovely planet. Brand new boxes aren’t going to cave in half way through your load, plus, they’re a lot easier to stack when they’re all the same size! 

No need to make the trek out to the hardware store, you can get all your packing supplies in the one place, via our Box Shop. We can deliver all your supplies straight to your door, with or without your TAXIBOX. It’s never been easier to bring more bubblewrap into your life.

Write Up an Inventory List

Keep track of what you’re storing in your TAXIBOX with an inventory list. 

With our customer portal, you can speed up this step and create this list with a photo inventory. Take photos of everything that’s going into your TAXIBOX before you load, so you know exactly what’s going where. 

Put as Much as You Can Into Boxes

Don’t throw everything into your TAXIBOX loose. That would be mayhem. It’s much easier to stack boxes on top of boxes. 

Boxes will keep your belongings safe and sound and make the packing process a whole lot easier. We suggest you fill each box to its capacity and eliminate any empty spaces you can, using packing paper or other fillers. We also highly recommend both butchers paper and bubblewrap to protect items inside your boxes.

Label Boxes Properly

Don’t know who needs to hear this, but label your boxes on all sides, please. If you really want to label your boxes like a pro, colour-code them too. Colour-coding based on urgency makes unpacking at your new place a lot faster. It should be pretty intuitive, too (red = I’m urgent please unpack me now, green = meh, you can unpack me later). 

Toss the Liquids, Foods and Other Perishables

You won’t be able to bring any liquids, foods, or perishable goods along for the ride in your TAXIBOX. You’ll have to make sure any fridges or freezers you’re going to be storing in your TAXIBOX are defrosted (and emptied) before you load, too. No melted ice blocks making the entire contents of your life sticky allowed, ta.

Protect the Metal Stuff from Rust

This is an easy one: protect any metal you’re storing from rusting with oil. By wiping your metal belongings with a rag dipped in oil before you load them into your TAXIBOX, you can prevent them from rusting while they’re in storage. Simple! 

Mark Out a Parking Space

If you’re getting your TAXIBOX delivered on-street, we’ll need you to set aside 1 and a half car’s worth of space for us. If you live on a busier street, it’s worth saving a spot ahead of time, to guarantee there will be enough room for your TAXIBOX once it arrives. Using some parking cones or wheeling the bins out should do the trick.

Ask a Friend to Look After the Kids/Pets/In-Laws

Ready to pack your TAXIBOX? All you’ve got to worry about now is the kids. And the pets. And anyone else for that matter. While your intuition might tell you to pack them into your TAXIBOX and call it a day, we certainly don’t recommend that. Instead – ask a friend to look after them for moving day instead and perhaps lure them with a massage voucher or similar. Much nicer, right? 

Don’t worry, if you haven’t got all the above sorted out before your TAXIBOX arrives, you can always figure all this out once it’s delivered. We include our Packing Guide inside every TAXIBOX and a Storage Agreement prior to delivery — make sure you check them out!