TAXIBOX now operates Self Storage Artarmon facility

Artarmon residents very happy with TAXIBOX’s Self Storage Artarmon services

Something is taking Artarmon by storm and Artarmon residents are loving it. Everyday, big yellow storage facilities are being driven around town. They go straight to the homes and offices of happy Artarmon residents. This is not just a fleeting fad. This is not a petty trend that comes and would soon go. Artarmon residents are happy because they are experiencing the future of self storage.

These big yellow storage facilities are called taxiboxes. They carry the same name as the company that provides the service, TAXIBOX. Taxiboxes also happen to be the most convenient, efficient and secure self storage service anywhere in Artarmon, and throughout Australia too.

The difference with other self storage services is in the name itself. “Taxibox” conjures images of a combined vehicle and a box. Which approximates the exact nature of the taxibox. It is a self storage facility that come straight to the customer, instead of traditionally the other way around.

Traditional self storage services are most of the time tedious affairs. Artarmon residents know this. There is no single rule in successful self storage. Customers have to do many different steps just to make sure their things get stored properly in a secure location.

The first step is usually to look for a utility vehicle, a huge van, a truck. Anything that would fit all of one’s things that need storing. The next step, looking for a self storage service provider. This means wading through ads that promote the same service at the same steep prices. Then next would be hiring movers for the day one’s things are to be moved from one’s home to the self storage facility. Then the long drive. And then dealing with the unreasonable contract terms.

TAXIBOX understands the confusion that is bound to arise from such complicated self storage arrangements. So the company designed the most efficient storage facility, the taxibox. The company also has simplified the process to three very easy steps:

  • Taxibox delivery. This feature makes the service offered by TAXIBOX the most convenient, handily beating every competition in the market. The taxibox is delivered right where the customer wants it to be. No more hiring trucks. No more hiring movers. Wake up one day and the TAXIBOX team is right outside your door, delivering your taxibox. How is that for efficiency and convenience?
  • Packing at your own pace and time. And then customers get the freedom to arrange, re-arrange and do whatever they want with their things inside their taxibox. No more worrying about the storage of valuable things. Customers get to do the packing themselves. We even offer packing supplies.
  • Taxibox is collected and stored. Done packing? A TAXIBOX team again comes to its customers’ homes to collect the packed taxibox. The taxibox is then stored in a secure location by the TAXIBOX team itself. Not the customer. No more long drives for customers to the location itself. Everything is done at the comfort of their homes.

Everything done in three easy steps. No wonder Artarmon residents love their taxiboxes.

Families renovating their homes are no longer worried. They just call TAXIBOX and everything is settled.

Couples having babies are no longer anxious about home space. They just have a taxibox delivered at home and their homes are spacious enough for the growing family again.

New Artarmon residents are eased of the many burdens of relocating. A simple arrangement with TAXIBOX does the trick and they are comfortably settled.

All these for only a fraction of the costs of other self storage facilities. Artarmon residents are in agreement about this. TAXIBOX provides the most affordable option while offering the best self storage services in the entire suburb.

The streets of Artarmon are getting busier everyday. More and more residents are calling TAXIBOX. More big yellow boxes are being delivered. More and more residents are getting their own taxiboxes and are having the best self storage service experience of their lives. More Artarmon homes are getting more comfortable everyday. More Artarmon residents are happier.

In Artarmon and need a storage facility for your things? Visit our self storage Artarmon information page on our Sydney storage section of the website to book your TAXIBOX storage solution online!