Monash University

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Getting your TAXIBOXES delivered to Monash Uni? Easy.

You may have seen our signature yellow TAXIBOXES floating around Monash University – and that’s because students studying there absolutely LOVE using TAXIBOXES for their storage needs, whether storing over the summer holiday period or otherwise. Student Storage is our thing.

Whilst we regularly deliver to the university, it’s important to know that there’s a few designated areas that have been specially arranged for TAXIBOX deliveries:

TAXIBOXES can be left for up to 24 hour in these locations:

  • Deakin car park: Near Deakin Hall, Howitt Hall, Briggs Hall, Jackomos Hall
  • Farrer car park: Near Farrer Hall, Howitt Hall
  • Richardson/Roberts car park: Near Richardson Hall, Roberts Hall, Normanby House

30-minute wait on-site deliveries can be made at a drop-off zone opposite the urban community halls, near to:

  • Campbell Hall
  • Holman Hall
  • Logan Hall
  • Turner Hall
  • Briggs Hall
  • Jackomos Hall

Please note: we are not able to deliver to any other locations at the university (other than those marked above). For further information, see the following map, or give our team our TAXIBOX team a call on 1300 87-60-87.

A map of Monash Clayton campus, showing the locations where TAXIBOX is able to park. These areas are Roberts carpark, Farrer carpark, and Deakin carpark for overnight deliveries, and the drop-off zone opposite the urban community halls for 30 minutes only.

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