Hey WA, ICYMI… We Officially Launched TAXIBOX Perth

Big news, TAXIBOX Perth is officially servicing Western Australians

For years, you’ve been asking us when TAXIBOX Perth is coming. Posting comments. Sending emails. Making phone calls. If our TAXIBOXES could talk, we’re sure you would have asked them too – well. The day has finally arrived. You asked, we listened. We made it to WA!

If you’re from Perth and wondering: what is TAXIBOX? Why all the yellow? Where did they come from, and why am I suddenly seeing them pop up all over the city? We’re a little disappointed you hadn’t heard of us already, but we get it, we only just got here… so let’s get some introductions out of the way.

Hey WA, It’s Nice to (Finally) Meet You

Local to WA, and not heard of us until now? Here’s everything you need to know about how TAXIBOX works.

Over a decade ago, we took a look at traditional self-storage and noticed something wasn’t quite right. It was inconvenient, a bit of a hassle, and required a loooot of unnecessary back and forth. We wanted to get back some space in our lives so we can get on with the more important stuff in life, so we made it happen. By making storage simple:

  1. We deliver your TAXIBOX – wherever and whenever you need it
  2. You pack – at your own pace, or let our removalists lend you a hand
  3. We store ­­­– at your place on-site, or at our facility until you need it back

Don’t think you need storage? You’d be surprised. Having that extra bit of space can be handy for a lot of different projects.

Got Plans to Move?

Whether you’re moving to a new suburb in Perth or you’re making a big move to Perth from the other side of the country, we can help with that.

By booking your move with TAXIBOX, you only have to pack and unpack once – since the whole process is door-to-door. If you’ve ever wanted to move without stressing yourself out, getting a TAXIBOX is how you can make it happen.

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Get your TAXIBOX delivered directly to your door, fill it up with your stuff, and have it delivered straight to your new address. Got time to kill in-between moves, or haven’t got the keys to your new place just yet? No stress. We’ll store it until you’re ready for move-in day.

Renovation in the Works?

Getting ready to make your Perth place a thing of dreams? Maybe add on an extension, build a man cave, or (finally) redo the bathroom? Make space for your next renovation by keeping a TAXIBOX at your place.

With On-Site Storage, you can still access all your stuff whenever you need, without everything being in your tradies’ way. Have your TAXIBOX delivered to your place, and keep it on-site until your reno is over. Store house stuff, tool stuff, whatever. We’ll come to collect your empty TAXIBOX once the job’s done.

Event Coming Up?

Perth’s so picturesque that a wedding at home feels like a destination wedding.

New to Perth, give me ALL your suggestions of what to see/do 🙂
by u/Cracklejacks in perth

If you’ve got an event coming up soon – whether it’s a wedding, a 40th birthday, a festival in your backyard, or something a little bigger –we can help you out with refrigeration stuff.

Keep your food and bevs cool during your next event with a TAXIBOX Cool Room. We can deliver your TAXIBOX straight to your next event and keep your stuff cool for as long as you need. We’ll pick up your TAXIBOX as soon as the party’s over. 

Thanks for the Warm Welcome, Perth

The best part of all this? Now that TAXIBOX Perth is out in the world, we’re officially servicing Australians nationwide (!) Here at TAXIBOX HQ, it really feels like all we did was blink and suddenly we’re a national business, but in reality – a looooot of work went on behind the scenes, so shout out to our superstar team for making it happen.

Since launching in Perth, we’ve really appreciated the warm welcome from your Western Australians (seriously. Your weather is 10/10). Whether you’ve been begging for TAXIBOX since day dot or only learning about us just now, we’re happy to be here. We’d love to return the favour with some TAXIBOX goodies. Email [email protected] if you’d like a surprise + some good-kind-of-yellow in your mailbox.

Now that we’ve gotten our introduction out of the way, we’d love to meet YOU. If you haven’t met us already and left us a review (wink wink, nudge nudge)? You should probably book soon so you can finally meet your very own TAXIBOX. We promise we’re everything that we’re cracked up to be (the East Coasters haven’t just been talking us up this whole time… we’re the real deal. Promise)!

In Perth?

Need storage? We’ve gotchu.

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