Customer Portal

Our customer portal is your place to do all things TAXIBOX: if you want to make any changes to your account, make a payment, or you just need a question answered, you can do all of that and more via our customer portal. You can access the customer portal here.

Refer a Friend

Know someone else that would love TAXIBOX as much as you do? Refer a friend and we’ll reward you! We offer vouchers and discounts for referrals, amongst some other fun prizes from time to time, which you can find via our customer portal.

Manage Your TAXIBOX

Don’t need your TAXIBOX anymore? We’re sad to see you go, but we hope you enjoyed your experience storing with us. Check-out your TAXIBOX and arrange for it to be taken away by our lovely team via our customer portal. Easy.

Update Your Account

Moved recently, or got a new phone number? While we might not be able to help you memorise your new digits, we can update your contact details for you – use our customer portal to update your account.

Reset Your Password

If you’ve forgotten your password for your account, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You can easily update your password for your customer account by clicking the “Forgot your password?” prompt on the log-in page.

Keep Track of Your Cash

Manage your TAXIBOX payments via our customer portal. You can keep track of everything and update anything:

  • Find all our payments and costs, explained
  • Make payments manually
  • Keep track of all your previous payments and their records
  • Add, change and set up automatic payments 

Any money business you need to sort out, you can sort out here.

Order an Extra TAXIBOX

Got more stuff than you thought, and running short on space? Order an extra TAXIBOX via our customer portal and we’ll add it onto your existing booking. Get all the space you could possibly need. Just keep in mind that additional delivery fees apply.