How to Load Your TAXIBOX

With On-Site Storage, you can access your stuff anytime, at your own place. To make the most out of all that extra space, you should keep your On-Site Storage as functional as possible. Here’s what we suggest:

  1. Get organised by writing an inventory list. Writing an inventory list will help you sort the items you’re storing on-site, so you can plan out what stuff is going where. 
  2. Group similar stuff together. That way, you can find everything you need in the one place. 
  3. Map out the order you pack your TAXIBOX in. Make your day-to-day access way more functional by packing the stuff you’re going to reach for the least at the back of the TAXIBOX (e.g. boxes/other clutter), and leaving room for more important stuff at the front, so it’s easy to access everyday (tools/ladders, if you’re working on a renovation project, for example).

If you really want to ace your on-site organisation, you can keep shelving and other cabinets inside your On-Site Storage to keep your tools and gadgets extra organised.