Preparing Your Items for Loading

You can use On-Site Storage for pretty much anything, so how you prepare your items for loading really depends on what you’re using your TAXIBOX for. 

If you’re using your On-Site Storage for a renovation project – first of all, good call – a lot of the items you’re likely to be storing are going to be mostly functional (toolboxes, ladders, drillbits, and anything else you need to get the job done). 

To prepare your TAXIBOX the smart way, try:

  • Grouping similar items together.
  • Organising as much as you can before you load. 
  • Keeping your tools on an organisation board. If you can keep a board like this inside your TAXIBOX, you can create a system so you can find things quickly and easily. 
  • Anything else you’re storing, you should try to put into boxes. They’re easily stackable, easy to load, and provide great protection. Boxes are even easier to stack if they’re all the same size, so do yourself a favour and order your boxes (plus your packing supplies) from our Box Shop.

Once your boxes are packed and sealed, make sure you’ve labelled them properly. Tape the bottom of the box shut to keep everything extra secure, then you’re set.

A few extra quick tips from us:

  • Wipe anything metal down with a rag dipped in oil to prevent rust.
  • Lock your TAXIBOX with the lock provided at all times.
  • Bend with your knees (and take a sec to stretch beforehand).

Happy packing!