Students Love TAXIBOX for Caulfield Self Storage!

Students are never in any one place for long. University students, in particular, are always going through a transition of some sort. They may originally be living in dorms, but then, they make the choice to live on their own or with some mates in a shared home. What happens when the home – or at least, your part of the home – is not big enough for you to share? Students run into this sort of problem regularly, and it’s important for them to realize that there is a solution for this very real problem. They can’t keep everything in their new homes, simply because there is not enough room to display the stuff, but there may not be enough room to actually store the material until they are ready to bring it home or move it into a new home. It’s a bad habit to get into, simply moving “stuff” around because we just don’t have room for it in our homes. Thanks to Self-Storage Caulfield, though, students and families alike have viable options for self-storage that won’t leave them completely broke. You can move all the things that you aren’t sure you want to part with just yet into one of our spacious units and deal with it when you are ready.

Self-Storage Caulfield is a stone’s throw from Monash University. Certainly, this alone makes Self Storage Caulfield a highly ideal location for self-storage options. Students can take advantage of the proximity of Self-Storage Melbounre and its omnipresent TAXIBOXes in order to ensure their personal effects that they can’t fit into their dorm room or their university home are well stored and looked after.

TAXIBOX has easily accessible storage units that can be dropped off right at your door. When you are ready to pack everything up, give us an hour’s notice, and we will ensure we have the unit dropped off at your front door, if you like. We can also move the unit so it’s near your vehicle at our Self-Storage facility in Caulfield. For that matter, you can contact the facility at 1300 87-60-87 to get a price quote, or you can visit Self-Storage Caulfield in order to examine all the angles of TAXIBOX and Self-Storage Caulfield.

TAXIBOX is a durable, solid wood box that is designed to last in any sort of weather. It’s also guaranteed to store up to 1 tonne of furniture, archive boxes, or other items that you are looking to store. It’s a waterproof storage system that is perfectly designed to protect your belongings from mold and mildew damage. It has a floor that is guaranteed to keep your belongings dry, and away from any moisture accumulation that your things may encounter while in storage.

It’s also a modular system of storage designed to make your storage needs easy. The average TAXIBOX is designed to take up an average car space, and can be wheeled virtually to your doorstep with very little difficulty. Then, it’s simply a matter of you setting up your own method of loading the TAXIBOX. Take as much or as little time as you like. You will be able to pack at your own pace, and with a handy locking feature, the TAXIBOX is guaranteed to keep your prized material possessions safe and sound.

The Self-Storage Caulfield website – – is designed to be your one-stop shop for the storage needs. On the website, you can get a secure quote, set up timings for drop off of the TAXIBOX and learn more about the TAXIBOX service itself. It’s truly a dynamic website that allows its potential clients – clients like you – to learn the best options for self-storage. In fact, students who visit the website – or their parents, too, for that matter – may find they like the look and feel of leaving a student’s extra personal effects in storage in a TAXIBOX in order to allow the student to feel as though if he or she wants it, rather than having to make an emergency phone call home asking for a treasured lucky pair of socks, they can access it.

Parents and other visitors to the site can get a fair bit of information, based on what’s already there. It’s a handy way of learning about the self-storage options that are available at Self-Storage Caulfield, and you can also secure a quote while visiting the site, which will ultimately surprise them.

Ultimately, visiting the website is a handy way of realizing that self-storage may be one effective method of beginning to organize your life away from home in your dorm room. Students need extra guidance in doing this, to be sure, because students may have a tendency to challenge each other to different room decorating possibilities and if that’s the case, they really can get into games of one-upmanship. When that happens, they need to call Self-Storage Caulfield and have us send a TAXIBOX over. That gives them an opportunity to safely stash their personal belongings that they are no longer using for home decorating possibilities for future use.

TAXIBOX is a unique, convenient service that is highly accessible and inexpensive. Instead of spending a small fortune for a packing company to come in and store your items for moving, a TAXIBOX rental can save you a fair bit of money and logistical delays. It’s a method of self-storage that’s truly designed for your convenience.

The capacity of the TAXIBOX is impressive as well. Students can safely store up to 120 archive boxes’ worth of research or school notes – an easy amount of notes and books to pack up for those avidly studying in university. Most pieces of furniture can easily fit within the confines of the TAXIBOX. With its 1 tonne capacity, so you might find that storing a larger quantity of your personal effects in a TAXIBOX might truly be a handy way of getting paperwork and items out that you need to part with, at least temporarily.

The TAXIBOX is also quite secure. We can either provide you with a lock for your TAXIBOX, or you can use your own lock. The decision about the security for your personal effects is truly up to you. Students, for instance, are not known for having very much in the way of personal belongings, so what they do have would be precious to them. We can give you the chance to make your belongings that you are putting into a TAXIBOX at Self-Storage Caulfield truly secure, the way they should be.
Once items have been packed inside the TAXIBOX, the TAXIBOX can be picked up. Simply call the storage professionals at Self-Storage Caulfield and we will be able to help you out by getting the TAXIBOX up and on the back of a truck and back to Self-Storage Caulfield.

Likely the handiest feature of the TAXIBOX – apart from its portability and convenience – is its weatherproof barrier. No matter how rotten the weather gets – and depending on the region of the country you’re from – things you put into storage has a tendency of sustaining some water damage, largely because storage containers are dark, generally damp containers. The weatherproof barrier that TAXIBOX provides is lightweight and a perfect barrier against the dampness you might encounter.

TAXIBOX at Self-Storage Caulfield is a practical, innovative way to get started on getting your life back on track and more organised. Students can pack their TAXIBOX the way they want and reorganise their surroundings easily and effectively. TAXIBOX also grants its visitors the Best Price Guarantee, which means that Self-Storage Caulfield is willing to offer the best possible pricing for your self-storage needs. It’s simply a matter of visiting Melbourne Self Storage and asking about what pricing is like or going to the website to request a quote. Either way you look at it, TAXIBOX is an ideal method of storage for those personal belongings that you can’t quite part with. Self-Storage Caulfield is the perfect alternative for your storage and organisational dilemmas.