Haven’t You Heard? TAXIBOX Adelaide Has Officially Launched

TAXIBOX Adelaide has officially launched and fully operational

It’s been a long time coming, but now it’s official: TAXIBOX Adelaide is here! 

Despite what Dan Andrews would have you believe, we’ve been eager to launch in Adelaide for a long time, and the day has finally arrived. Our TAXIBOXES have been eager to see the sights of South Australia, and help out the people of Adelaide with our services. But before we get into that – we have some introductions to do. 

People of Adelaide, Meet TAXIBOX

If you’re a local Adelaidian – is that a thing? – you might not have heard of TAXIBOX until now. It’s fine (we’re a little hurt, but we only just got here, so we get it). Here’s everything you need to know about us, to find out what the deal is.

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We took traditional self-storage and made it simple, so you can make some space in your life and get on with the good stuff. We made storage so simple, that we can sum it up in 3-steps

  1. We deliver your TAXIBOX – wherever and whenever you need it
  2. You pack – at your own pace, or let our removalists help you out
  3. We store – either on-site at your place, or at our facility until you need it back

Wondering what you’d use a TAXIBOX for? Aside from all that space-saving you could be doing, we have a few other suggestions…

Got Plans to Renovate? 

So set on Adelaide that you really want to lay down roots? In that case, it might be time to redo the bathroom, add an extension, build Bondi beach in the backyard: whatever your renovating heart desires. 

Renovating can be tricky if you don’t have enough space to store your tools, or you don’t have any spare space to store the stuff that gets in the way. With On-Site Storage, you can create that extra space by essentially adding a whole other room to your house until the renovation is finally over. 

Keep your TAXIBOX on-site and easy access, and store anything you need during your renovation close-by – your tradies will thank you. Trust us. Having that extra space to get the job done makes a world of a difference.

Moving Soon?

We can help with that! Whether you’re moving locally in Adelaide’s CBD or surrounds, or you need a hand moving interstate, booking a TAXIBOX can be a life-changer. 

Moving with TAXIBOX makes moving not so bad – get your TAXIBOX delivered right to your door, fill it up with your whole life, and send it straight to your new place. We can even store your stuff if you have some time to kill in-between moves. 

Nobody wants to do the drive from Brisbane to Adelaide – really. Unless you want to see all the big things on the way… but our advice? Head straight to South Australia. They’ve got a whole bunch of their own big things (think Big Rocking Horse, Big Orange, even a Big Hills Hoist).

As a plus – you won’t have to drive days on end to see them all. Especially with all that extra time you’ve saved heading straight to Adelaide, without being weighed down all your stuff. Talk about a timesaver.

Planning an Event? 

We all know Adelaide is a beautiful place – and perfect for events like weddings, food festivals, wine-tastings, generally-admiring-the-landscape-while-we-eat-things-at-a-function, you know, all kinds of events. 

If you’re an event planner in Adelaide, or even if you’re planning a big, one-off event at your place sometime soon, TAXIBOX Adelaide has just made your planning a whole lot easier. You can keep your food and beverages cool on event day with a TAXIBOX Cool Room, delivered straight to your event.

Our cool storage solutions are just like your fridge at home, only you can take them anywhere you need – we deliver them to sit flat on the ground, making loading and unloading easy. You can also plug them in anywhere you want (they can be plugged into any regular outlet, which is neat – and most importantly, practical. All you need is an extension cord).  

Just Need Some More Space in Your Life? 

If your storage needs are simple – you’ve got stuff and you need space – that’s our speciality. We’re all about making space, and we have been since the get-go. Whether you’re decluttering, downsizing, styling a house before you sell it, or your spare room is starting to look on the smaller side, we can help.

Now that TAXIBOX Adelaide has officially launched, we’re finally able to get some stuff out of the way so that we can help you make space down in South Australia. 

To say we’re stoked is a bit of an understatement… is it obvious? I mean, we did dedicate this whole blog post to introduce ourselves to you guys. Now it’s your turn: people of Adelaide, come for a visit. It’s about time you get to know a TAXIBOX of your own.

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