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Bad Back Stuff

Moved too many times to count? We get it. Getting stuff done is a lot harder when your body’s not feeling up to it. While lifting with your knees definitely helps, not everyone can pull it off like Rambo, so here are a few of top-tips to help you take a load off.

Get a Massage

Sometimes, all you need to feel better is a little self-care. Booking an hour (or two – who’s counting) for a massage can be a big help. While your masseuse helps you out with your physical stress, you get to spend a little time away from your mental stress too. Two blissful hours without the kids and away from work. Sign us up.

Not sure where to go? Find a massage therapist with the Australian Massage Directory (rather than one of those flashing neon signs on your street corner), and thank us later.

Try a Chiro


You know how satisfying it feels when you crack your back? We mean the good type. Imagine getting a professional to do it for you (and knowing for sure that they know what they’re doing).

Seriously, though – chiropractors can do more than fix your spine. Chiropractors support patients with a range of physical therapies to help your body feel better, including mobilisation,  electrotherapies, and everything else you need to get back to the heavy lifting. Improve your posture and feel better – find your local chiropractor using your postcode, here.

Find a Physio 


Don’t believe in chiros? Try a physio! Physiotherapists can help you manage your pain so that you can find long-term solutions and stop your back from cracking the bad way. Lifestyle changes can make a big impact on your body (pretending you’re in an action movie and doing your own stunts on the daily? Surprisingly doesn’t help). Find a physio, no matter where you are in Australia.

Hire a Removalist 

OK – this is the real deal to help with your back. While they might not be able to fix your bad back, removalists can definitely stop you from straining it. Just like your physical stuff, your actual stuff is valuable too (and fragile) – so you should be making sure your removalists are reliable. If you need help with the heavy lifting, you can hire removalists through us to help pack your TAXIBOX. Simply add removalists to your booking and we’ll help with the rest. No back pain necessary.