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Relationship Stuff

If there’s anything that takes a toll on our relationships, it’s stuff. Moving stuff. Arguing about stuff. Sorting through stuff. Arguing about what stuff you should get rid of (and failing). Building stuff. here’s looking at you, IKEA.

One of the trickier parts adulthood? Relationship communication. To work on it, you have to arm yourself with the right tools. Talking about your relationship and working through stuff can make a big difference. 

Find the Resources You Need 


If the back-and-forth between yourself and your partner has been going on for a while, it might be time to try something new, and start communicating a little differently.

Not sure where to start? Relationships Australia provides sustainable relationship support services Australia-wide. Find resources for creating respectful relationships and advocating for your needs here.

Ask the Experts


Struggling to find what you need online, and thinking about asking an expert for advice? Kudos to you for knowing when it’s best to ask for help. 

Better Place Australia provides services for all kinds of relationships across Australia. Whether your kids are struggling through a separation, your relationship isn’t quite like it used to be, or you have an older family member that’s in need of some support, Better Place Australia can provide you with the counselling your relationships might need.

Call it a Day

Annnnnnd, sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself is call it a day (just think, you’ll never have to pick your partner’s dirty towels off the floor again). 

In all seriousness, though – if it comes down to it, Family Relationships Australia can support you through your separation, and provide you with all the resources you need to get the process started.

Access Support

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic or family violence at home or in the workplace, it’s important that you find services to support yourself or those around you, especially if getting out of a dangerous situation is needed.

Reach out to 1800 Respect for financial and housing support while you seek out a safe place by calling 1800 737 732, or head to their website.