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When it comes to mobile storage Sydney locals can trust for storing solutions, TAXIBOX is the way to go. We believe storage should come to you, not the other way around. Read on to find out how exactly we make stress-free storage possible, both in Sydney and across Australia.

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TAXIBOX - Mobile storage, On-site Storage and Cool Storage

Storage that comes to you

TAXIBOX - MSS step 1
We deliver

Stay put… we’ll deliver your TAXIBOX storage unit wherever you want.

TAXIBOX - MSS step 2
You/we pack

Take your time… pack and lock your TAXIBOX, or let us lend a hand.

TAXIBOX - MSS step 3
We store

All done… we’ll collect and store your TAXIBOX at our Sydney storage facility.

Storage delivered just about anywhere.

We bring our TAXIBOXES straight to your Sydney home – how convenient is that? Whether you need it for household or business use, our mobile storage service means you can just sit back and wait for smooth delivery across Sydney and other locations across Australia.

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Unit 5, 5-9 Ricketty St, Mascot NSW 2020

TAXIBOX Greenacre
7B, Roberts Distribution Centre, 81-85 Roberts Rd, Greenacre NSW 2190

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Before you store, you have to pack, and you gotta do it right. Don’t worry; we have all the packing essentials and protection you’ll need. We’ll even deliver the supplies straight to you so you can skip the trip to the store and just get to packing.

TAXIBOX Packing supplies

Got excess stuff? Need space? Get TAXIBOX

Got excess stuff? Need space? Get TAXIBOX

Whether you’re getting stuff out of the way while you’re renovating, preparing for a move, going on long travels or just doing some routine decluttering, our handy TAXIBOXES are here to help you skip the stress. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility we offer for all your storage needs, including some awesome discounts when you store long term.

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Why TAXIBOX Is The Mobile Storage Sydney Locals Love

Why is TAXIBOX the mobile storage company Sydney residents recommend? Find out why our TAXIBOXES are superstars when it comes to saving space, saving time, and saving our customers from all that storage stress!

Reason #1: Easy, transparent pricing 

We’re sure that whoever says they love surprises is never talking about getting a bill. That’s why you don’t have to jump through hoops just to get a clear answer from us when it comes to pricing. 

We’re upfront about what our top-notch services will cost you, so there’ll be zero shocks here! You can even get an instant quote on our site. Just enter your details and you’ll get a breakdown of the prices of our services so you can easily plan your budget. 

Plus, if you’re searching for terms like ‘cheap storage Sydney’, ‘affordable mobile storage solutions’ or ‘rates for mobile storage Sydney’, you’ll love our competitive pricing. We even offer free delivery for eligible bookings. 

Reason #2: No storage guesswork

Say goodbye to sizing mistakes! We want you to be as prepared as possible when it comes to the number of TAXIBOXES you’ll need, which is why we have a handy storage calculator you can use for more accurate space estimation.

Just add the objects that you’ll be storing and our 3D space estimator will recommend how many TAXIBOXES you’ll need. It’ll even show you a graphic of how the calculator arranged the objects in the TAXIBOX to arrive at the estimation.

Reason #3: Secure mobile storage rental 

We know your things are important and personal; that’s why we take such good care of them! Not only are our TAXIBOXES easy to use, but they’re tough as well. Made from robust and weatherproof materials, our TAXIBOXES are superb at ensuring your stuff is protected. This is why we’re a solution for mobile self-storage Sydney customers love. At TAXIBOX, we know that if it’s worth storing, it’s worth keeping safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does mobile storage work?

With our mobile storage, you’ll enjoy the convenience of portable storage that arrives at your doorstep. We’ll deliver our TAXIBOXES to you so you can take your time packing up your things. We’ll then pick them up and deliver them back to our facility. 

We can even bring your stuff directly to a new destination without storing it at our facility. Whether you’re moving across the country or just changing neighbourhoods, we’re here to make sure your stuff is secure as it moves with you. 

Sure, using a traditional storage facility to store your belongings is still an option, but why would you want to? It takes so much time to pack up all your things in your car, drive all the way to the facility, unload all your things and drive back. With mobile storage, your days of driving through traffic in a car crammed with your stuff are behind you now.

How do I book mobile storage in Sydney?

To make a booking request for mobile storage Sydney customers can trust, all you have to do is provide some essential information:

  • Your address. Input the address where we will deliver your TAXIBOX.
  • Storage duration. If you need to store your things at our facilities for some time, let us know how long you’ll need us to store them for you. 
  • Address of new location. Moving your things to a new address? Give us the address of your stuff’s new home. 
  • Delivery instructions. Add the delivery details, such as the date, location specifications, and any other additional instructions. 

Remember to review your details and the quoted price before submitting your request!

What are the types of storage options?

On-site storage

Don’t want to keep your things at our facility? No problem! Your TAXIBOX can be stored at home or at your business. Since they’re made of 100% steel and you’ll have the only copy of the key, you can rest assured that they’ll be safe and secure.

Done storing your things? Your TAXIBOX will be sad to go, but at least the process is a breeze. Just unload your things and we’ll pick it up when the day comes! 

Cool storage

We’ve got some cool TAXIBOXES too – literally. Our Cool Rooms are refrigerated TAXIBOXES that you plug straight into your power outlet, keeping the contents chilled for as long as you need them! They’re great if you need more fridge space for a big party, have a food stand gig at a festival or any other important event with food and bevvies.

Mobile storage Sydney locals love 

Looking for mobile storage Sydney residents can’t get enough of? Well, that’s us. With convenience and top-notch services you can rely on, TAXIBOX is the answer to all your residential and commercial storage needs.

We’re not just here for those on the hunt for mobile storage Sydney customers recommend either – we serve various metros and neighbourhoods across Australia.

So, whether you’re in Queensland and looking up ‘mobile storage Brisbane’ and ‘self storage Brisbane’ or you’re a WA local searching for ‘mobile storage Perth’ and ‘storage Perth’ or even somewhere else, you’ve come to the right place. 

Skip the hassle and get a free quote at TAXIBOX today!