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With TAXIBOX, you'll never have to drive to a storage facility again. It's easy:

What's your next move?

Combining households
Home Styling Services
Storage in-between moving
Moving or travelling overseas
Decluttering Home
Moving interstate
Other life circumstances

Combining households

Moving in with your loved-one or a friend and have a bit too much to fit in? Share a TAXIBOX!

Home Styling Services

Maximise your sale price! TAXIBOX is the ideal solution to get rid of clutter whilst you run your sale campaign.

Storage in-between moving

Moving to a new home but out of accommodation for a short time? TAXIBOX makes this easy!

Moving or travelling overseas

We'll take care of your clutter so you can live your life “outside the box” whilst you roam the world.

Decluttering Home

Selling your home or just need a bit more space? Get a TAXIBOX to de-clutter your life.


Keep a TAXIBOX at your place or have it stored at one of our secure storage facilities. We make storage while renovating easy!

Moving interstate

Moving interstate across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane made easy! Get a TAXIBOX delivered to your door and we’ll move it across the country for you.

Other life circumstances

Whatever your reason for storing might be, TAXIBOX offers incredibly convenient storage with service that’ll genuinely knock your socks off!

Acquaint Yourself with the Most Popular Sydney CBD Storage Solution!

People who need a permanent or temporary Sydney CBD storage solution can count on our Taxibox. Our mobile Sydney CBD storage unit can be delivered right on your doorstep and provides customers with the convenience they have been looking for. Curious why our Sydney CBD storage unit is so popular? Read everything about it here!

How Our Sydney CBD Storage System Works

When a customer requests a Sydney CBD self-storage unit, Taxibox will deliver one right on their doorstep. Due to the fact that our Sydney CBD self-storage unit is completely mobile, it can be delivered at any given location, whether customers want it near their home or their office.

The Sydney CBD self-storage unit can be kept on the property of the customer for a lengthy period of time, which gives them plenty of opportunity to load up their Sydney CBD self-storage unit and request a pick-up from our company.

However, customers are not obligated to store their Sydney CBD self-storage unit in our Sydney storage facility, because customers may keep their Sydney storage unit on their property as well.

Customers can also arrange a pick-up for transport, for example to move some furniture to a new home or office. For that reason, our Sydney self-storage unit is also extremely popular for moving purposes.

Why Is Our Sydney Self-Storage Solution So Popular?

There are many reasons why people of all walks of life use our storage unit, but the main reason why they do is the fact that our mobile storage unit is very cost-efficient.

By using a mobile storage unit, customers eliminate the need for transport. At first glance this may seem more of a convenience rather than cost-effectiveness, but it is actually both. By not having to hire a van or drive to our storage facility, you save money on petrol and on a van hire.

Our storage rates are also the best in Australia, because we can guarantee you that you will not find cheaper anywhere!

Of course, convenience is another big benefit that accompanies our mobile storage unit. Not having to drive, being able to move your furniture straight from your home into a storage unit and not having to unload your storage unit in our storage facility are just some of the convenience benefits you can expect when you go for our Taxibox.

Also Suitable for Businesses

Young couples, families and students are not the only people that belong to our client database. Businesses can also see the benefits of using our mobile storage solution.

Many businesses that use our Taxibox, choose to keep their storage unit in our storage facility. Our storage facility comes with additional security, which is often needed when businesses want to store valuable stock or other business related items.

Every warehouse owned by Taxibox is equipped with a modern security system, ensuring that the storage unit of your business is protected 24/7. No matter which of our storage facilities you intend to use, every storage facility enjoys a maximum amount of security.

Some businesses also use our Taxibox and our storage facility for their sensitive paperwork. Since the government requires you to keep certain paperwork for a certain period of time, it can become quite overwhelming and space consuming over a period of time. By keeping their paperwork in our mobile storage unit, businesses can keep their office clean and pristine.

In order to ensure that your valuable items and paperwork is safe in our storage facility, we subject our warehouses to regular inspections. All warehouses in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne are subjected to fire and pest control inspections, making sure that no harm can come to your stored goods.

When you store our goods in our facility, you can also obtain the necessary insurance coverage from us, which can start for as little as $2 per month. Unfortunately we are not able to provide insurance for customers that intend to keep their storage unit on their property, but the majority of customers will find that this usually falls under their standard insurance policy. If you want the guarantee that your stored good are insured, even on your property, contact your insurance agent and inform them that certain items will go into storage.

Secure Payments

Taxibox only works with the safest payment method providers. We currently offer popular payment options such as Visa, MasterCard and Direct Debit. We have also set up an automatic payment system, where the cost of your storage unit will automatically be charged to your credit card each month.

Customers who are not entirely sure what payment option to use can always contact our customer support service for more information. Also, please note that all payments executed on Taxibox are completely safe and secure. All transactions are encrypted, which makes it impossible to steal or store your personal or identifiable information.

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Of course, there are some standards discounts you can take advantage of, for example a 15% discount when you store with us for 12 months, a free redelivery when you store with us for 3 months, special discounts when you store multiple storage units and so much more. For more information, please check out our prices page or contact one of our representatives.

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