Changing Delivery/Pick-up Dates

If you forgot to save the date – or something else has come up and you need to move things around – there’s no need to worry, we’re very cool and bendy (aka flexible) here at TAXIBOX. If you need to change your delivery or pickup date, we can sort that out for you free of charge, we just need enough notice. 

With enough notice, we can plan our schedule more effectively. Changes at short notice result in additional work for TAXIBOX employees and therefore higher costs for our company, which we can’t afford to absorb. This is why we have to charge fees if any changes are made at the last minute. We hope you understand! 

To make any changes, all you have to do is give our friendly team a call on 1300-60-87, no later than 2:30pm the business day before your TAXIBOX is scheduled. We’ll reschedule your TAXIBOX to suit your calendar a little better, so long as our availability allows it. If you need to make your changes on a Saturday, you can call to request your changes anytime before 12pm. For full details, click here.