You’ve got better things to do than worry about lifting with your knees. Take the load off and let us do the heavy lifting instead. 

Sure, you’re taking charge of your move – by booking a TAXIBOX, great choice by the way –  but that doesn’t mean you have to do literally everything yourself. Hiring removalists when you book your TAXIBOX won’t just save your bad back, it’ll save you big bucks: you can save up to 50% on moving costs by dodging double-handling (i.e. driving out to a storage facility to unload your stuff). You can find all our current removalist rates and any other associated costs here.

Our removalists allocate up to one hour to pack and load. That’s per TAXIBOX, so if you’ve only got the one, your removalists will have an hour to get the job done, if you’ve got two TAXIBOXES, they’ll have two hours to pack and load, you get the gist. If you run overtime, there are associated fees that will be charged to your account. 

The best way to guarantee you stick to your allocated time slot is to:

  • Arrange your boxes in the right order 
  • Label things carefully, so your removalists understand what’s what
  • Let our team know if you have any overcomplicated stuff ahead of time, just in case we’re not able to help you move it (say, if you’re trying to move a pool table, a gigantic fish tank, or some yellow cake uranium)

Our removalists are reliable and reputable, from a trusted network of established moving companies that operate throughout our service areas. 

All you have to do to book your removalists with TAXIBOX is submit a request with us on our removalists page, or give us a call at 1300-60-87. We’ll book everything for you and arrange for your removalist to show up once your TAXIBOX is delivered, so you can be 100% ready for them to arrive. Then, you can sit back and relax: just point to the furniture and watch your removalists load everything for you. Easy, job done.