Limited Offer! 🚚 FREE DELIVERY using code MAKESPACE24. T&C's Apply. 🚚 FREE DELIVERY using code MAKESPACE24. T&C's Apply.

Customer Portal

With our customer portal, you can have all your questions answered while you’re storing with us, and find all the assistance you need (all without having to interact with an actual human, score). You can access the customer portal here.

Refer a Friend

If you loved your first date with TAXIBOX (and you’re still pining for us a little, it’s okay, admit it), why not share the love? Tell your friends and we’ll send the good karma straight back your way. In this scenario, good karma = vouchers, discounts, or prizes, amongst a bunch of other fun stuff. 

We’re all about paying it forward here at TAXIBOX, and shouting out our BFFs when they deserve it. Give us a shout out and you can get in on the benefits. Find all the current deals via our Customer Portal. 

Create a Photo Inventory

Storing your stuff with us, in one of our secure facilities? Keep track of what you’re storing at your place and what you’re storing at ours (in your TAXIBOX) by keeping a photo inventory. 

By taking photos of your stuff before you load your TAXIBOX, you can keep a record of what’s going where. Access your photo inventory via our customer portal to keep yourself super organised before you come visit your TAXIBOX, so you know exactly what you’re coming for. It’s the ultimate organisation tool in the storage world (that you never knew you needed).

Manage Your TAXIBOX

  • Access: Submit an access request to come and visit your TAXIBOX at the facility. Get stuff out, put stuff in, or play swapsies. You can access your TAXIBOX for free, 6 days a week; all you need to do is put the request in so we can get everything ready for you.
  • Redelivery: How’s this for storage!? No need to endure on-hold music when you can jump on our customer portal and submit a redelivery request whenever. We’ll deliver your TAXIBOX to any address in our service area (even if you need it redelivered interstate)! Get your stuff redelivered as often as you need, to get stuff out or swap things around.
  • Check Out: All good things must come to an end (but we’re missing you already *wipes tear*) Arrange a time to empty your TAXIBOX for good. You can empty your TAXIBOX at one of our facilities, or get it delivered back to any address in our service area. 

Get Your Locks Cut (If You Lost Your Keys)

Trying to retrace your steps to find your keys and coming up empty-handed? We’ve all been there (it’s Murphy’s law, you always lose your keys the day you desperately need them to open something). 

Luckily for you, if you lose your keys to your TAXIBOX, you don’t need to stress about it: simply complete our Online Lock Cut form and we’ll do the rest.

Update Your Account

Moved recently, or got a new phone number? While we might not be able to help you memorise your new digits, we can update your contact details for you – use our customer portal to update your account with all your new deets.

Reset Your Password

If you’ve forgotten your password for your account, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You can easily update your password for your customer account by clicking the “Forgot your password?” prompt on the log-in page.

Sort Out the $$$ 

Manage all your cashola via our customer portal. You can keep track of everything and update anything:

  • Find all our payments and costs, explained
  • Make payments manually
  • Keep track of all your previous payments and their records
  • Add, change and set up automatic payments 

Any funny money business you need to sort out, you can do here.

Order an Extra TAXIBOX

Got more stuff than you thought, and running short on space? Order an extra TAXIBOX via our customer portal and we’ll add it onto your existing booking. Get all the space you could possibly need (keeping in mind that additional delivery fees may apply).