How to Load Your TAXIBOX

So, you’ve booked your TAXIBOX and made a date – congrats! Once your booking is sorted and your first date jitters are out of the way, you can start preparing for your TAXIBOX to arrive.

If you want to make sure your stuff is returned to you in perfect condition, you should take extra care loading your TAXIBOX. Here are our suggestions, step-by-step: 

  1. Write an inventory list. This will help you sort the items you’re packing and storing, so you can plan out what stuff is going where (and what stuff is going in which boxes). Once you’re all packed, you can take a picture of your loaded TAXIBOX using the photo inventory tool on our customer portal, to remind you what you’re storing.
  1. Map out what’s going into the TAXIBOX first, and what’s going in last. Keep in mind that the stuff you put in first, you’ll be taking out last, and vice versa. Put the non-essential stuff in first and the essential stuff in last, for future you’s sake.
  1. Use blankets to load your chunky-but-still-fragile belongings into your TAXIBOX. Moving blankets offer perfect protection for any furniture you don’t want to get scratched up in the move. Let’s be real, you want to keep all your furniture scratch-free right? Do yourself a favour and wrap up any furniture you’re loading into your TAXIBOX (unless you’re looking for an excuse to get rid of your mother-in-law’s dresser she guilted you into keeping). They also make great picnic blankets, if you’re into industrial chic stuff. You can get 5 for the price of 4 via our Box Shop!
  1. If you can, put as much as you can into boxes: they’re easily stackable, easy to load, and provide great protection. Don’t forget to fill each box fully, so there’s no room for the stuff inside to move around (packing paper and bubblewrap should do the trick). Boxes are even easier to stack if they’re all the same size, so do yourself a favour and order your boxes in a Value Pack.
  1. Once your stuff is sorted, you’re ready to pack. It should be pretty intuitive from here, just remember to empty and defrost your fridges and freezes ahead of time, and keep all your liquids, foods and perishable goods out of your TAXIBOX (all they’ll do is make a mess). 

Keep in mind that our TAXIBOXES can take up to 1 tonne worth of your stuff. Anything over that limit will be too much for our forklifts to take on. Consider sizing up and getting an extra TAXIBOX to lighten your load.

Check out our video here to get a good idea of what fits in a TAXIBOX (spoiler: quite a lot)! If you’re still getting a feel for it, there are also a few other videos on YouTube of people packing TAXIBOXES, if you want an outsider opinion *wipes tear*).

P.S. If you’ve booked your TAXIBOX with removalists, don’t forget: you’re expected to prepare and pack your belongings in advance, so everything is reading for loading. Your removalists will also need you to be present while they load your TAXIBOX, so you can supervise and make sure they’re being extra careful and taking care of your things. 

P.P.S. You read this whole how-to guide, all the way to the end! We’re impressed. Let us return the favour. Give us a call on 1300 87-60-87, and pass on codeword “Big Bird has landed” to the TAXIBOX team member that answers and wait for a surprise. You’re welcome.