Making Payments

TAXIBOX takes self storage and makes it simple, and we don’t just stop there: paying for your TAXIBOX is simple too. Here’s the rundown…

When you book your Mobile Storage with us, we’ll take a deposit for your first month of storage upfront, plus any removalist fees, if you’ve booked with removalists.If you’re booking more than one TAXIBOX, your deposit will reflect that(we charge your first month upfront for each TAXIBOX). 

If you’re using us for a moving service (either interstate or locally), we take the move-fee upfront including packing supplies added. You can find more details on these rates here.

If you’re using your TAXIBOX for storing, not moving, you don’t have to pay the day your TAXIBOX is delivered(we don’t take the payment upfront, like we do when you’re moving). We’ll wait until your TAXIBOX has been returned safely to our facility to take the balance of your first month’s storage. This amount will also include packing supplies you’ve ordered, plus any insurance and extra delivery fees, if required.

After your first month storing with us, your payment will be due each month on the date we first delivered to you(aka your anniversary with your TAXIBOX, so it’s easy to remember).

We have three ways you can make those payments: via credit card, BPAY, or zipPay.

Credit Card

Paying with your credit card is the easiest way to pay. With your credit card details, we can automatically process your credit card payments on a monthly basis, so you can just set and forget. You can also make one-off credit card payments online.


If you’ve decided to not pay by credit card, you’ll find BPAY details on your invoices. We prefer you to pay by BPAY where possible. We recommend setting up your payment date a few days ahead of your TAXIBOX anniversary, to account for processing. This way, you won’t get pestered with reminder emails, the days leading up to your payment being due.


If neither of those options work for you, we’ve also got zipPay. If you need storage today but your bank account’s not quite ready for the hit just yet, you can use zipPay: buy now, pay later. 

You can update your payment details anytime by logging into our customer portal.From there, the world’s your oyster: you can update your personal details, modify your payment options, view previous transactions, whatever your heart desires. If you have any trouble logging in, give our helpful team a call on 1300 87-60-87 for assistance.