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TAXIBOX turns your stuff into space

TAXIBOX turns your stuff into space

So you can get on with the good things in life

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  • Decluttering & styling
  • Local or interstate moving
  • Travelling overseas
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Why TAXIBOX has superior Storage Solutions In Brisbane

To use a currently oft-repeated phrase, we are, to put it simply the Uber of self-storage disrupting the self-storage market! More convenient, more user friendly and simply better with prices at or lower to traditional self-storage we are the no brainer self storage solution for Brisbane. Better yet, we aren’t breaking any laws so it’s all groovy!! This has the following whiz bang, amazing, sensational time and money saving benefits:

1. Convenience – with traditional self-storage you need to leave your house, rent a truck or van, bring the truck or van back to your house, load up the vehicle, take it to a self storage facility, unload the vehicle and take the belongings down a hallway and then put it into a room. Then if you don’t need to make multiple trips you need to return the truck or van to where you hired it from. Wow – people who use traditional self-storage today must be mad! Mobile self-storage is far and away easier. Simply make an order either by phone or website, wait around at home for the unit, pack it at your leisure and once closed your work is done! How easy is that? TAXIBOX – definitely the superior storage technology in Brisbane.

2. Price – check out our prices! Amazed? We are. We can do self-storage in Brisbane for the same cost or lower than traditional self-storage. Doing your calculations? Factor in the cost and time of driving out to a self-storage facility, hiring a truck/ute/van, paying for fuel, tolls, breaking your items out of sheer frustration etc., etc.,

3. Customer service – just like other new technologies we are new and exciting, not old and crabby. Our staff are all here because they are genuinely excited about what we are doing and the response we get from our customers. Which is generally “OMG, why didn’t someone think of this before!!!”. Check out our testimonials page to see exactly what they are saying. Words like “painless” and “stress free” and “best service ever” are what some of our Brisbane based customers have been saying. Based in Brisbane? This is the only self-storage facility you should be considering!!

4. Packing supplies – as a part of the service, we can deliver out packing supplies along with your self-storage unit. This means further time savings as you now don’t need to run around getting boxes, bubble wrap, moving blankets etc., How easy? Too easy!!!

5. Interstate moves and on-site storage –just as Uber has a range of services (Uber black, uber X etc.,), we have a range of services. Looking to move interstate? We can move you up and down between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Yup that’s right. You can store and have your storage unit transported (without any repacking) all the way to Brisbane. Bet you don’t know of a regular self-storage facility who can do that! Totally superior to anything else on the market, you don’t need to either pay through the roof for expensive interstate removalists and you don’t need to take risks with backloading that your items won’t turn up as you load yourselves into your own fully self-contained locked self-storage unit.

6. We own the entire self-storage process. In today’s world you shouldn’t have to deal with a separate company for your transport needs and your self-storage needs. One number should do it all. So, instead of hiring a third party truck or van, or removalist for that matter (so long as you can load yourself), we take on the entire storage and logistics aspects of getting your belongings both in, and out, of storage.

7. All the other things that make self-storage a great place to store your belongings. Tick – we have a secure warehouse monitored around the clock with back to base alarms and cctv. Tick – we do criminal record checks on all our staff. Tick – every unit is locked by you and only you with your own lock and key. Plus we offer insurance to keep your stored items in Brisbane safe! Plus we offer access 6 days a week where because your unit is mobile we can bring it out for you to have drive up – access – no more journeys down a labyrinth of corridors up stairs to get to your unit!

8. Company owned and operated – having started in 2010 we are a true blue fair dinkum Australian business where all our locations are company owned, not franchised. This means there is no variability in service, no rogue operators and no shifting of blame. We are the market leader in Brisbane and other cities for a reason!

9. Superior storage unit – made out of wood our units breathe so no moisture or mildew! They can be easily loaded, moved, retrieved and searched. And they are modular – meaning you can order more than you need and only pay for the space you use. Plus, since they are BIG, but not overly big, this prevents load shift making for happier customers and staff alike! Finally, our units fit almost anywhere – into a driveway, down the back of a house or on the street. Easy, easy, easy!!

10. Perfect for any storage use. TAXIBOX mobile self-storage Brisbane works for just about anybody needing storage. From short term, long term, on-site, seasonal, temporary, residential, commercial, document, military, student, decluttering, renovating we can think of a million reasons why you might use our portable self-storage solution. Why are you looking for self-storage?

Put simply, TAXIBOX has REVOLUTIONISED self-storage in Brisbane and is now clearly the superior choice. To enquiry or book call our wonderful team on 1300 87-60-87.