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Experience the ease of storage Melbourne locals rely on with TAXIBOX! Say goodbye to the old-school storage headaches! We’re bringing the smart solution right to your doorstep, totally changing the game on how you tackle that clutter and free up space. Just keep scrolling to see how easy and convenient it is with TAXIBOX, where we’re revolutionising storage all over Australia!

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TAXIBOX - Mobile storage, On-site Storage and Cool Storage

Storage that comes to you

TAXIBOX - MSS step 1
We deliver

Stay put… we’ll deliver your TAXIBOX wherever you want.

TAXIBOX - MSS step 2
You/we pack

Take your time… pack and lock your TAXIBOX, or let us lend a hand.

TAXIBOX - MSS step 3
We store

All done… we’ll collect and store your TAXIBOX at our storage facility.

Redefining the convenience of storage.

TAXIBOX mobile storage totally flips the script on convenience by bringing strong, secure self-storage units right to your front door! Searching for storage units Sydney-wide? Or perhaps you want to find solutions for storage Melbourne has to offer. Whatever your reason for needing storage units for rent, our service shapes up just right to fit your needs.

Do we service your suburb?

storage facilities

TAXIBOX Braeside
118 Boundary Rd, Braeside VIC 3195

TAXIBOX Reservoir
274 Edwardes St, Reservoir VIC 3073

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Before packing away your items, ensure they’re protected and ready for storage. You don’t need to go out of your way for supplies; we deliver everything you need directly to you, even if you haven’t booked a TAXIBOX yet. We also offer discounts for long-term rentals and storage solutions across Australia. So, when you’re looking for affordable storage Melbourne offers, check out our options to know how much the cost of storage Melbourne residents usually pay with us instead of having to compare storage Melbourne-wide.

TAXIBOX Packing supplies

Transform your space with TAXIBOX

Transform your space with TAXIBOX

Create more space in your life with TAXIBOX! There’s no need to clutter up your home or office when you can store your items with us until you need them again. With your stuff securely tucked away, you can stay focused on the more important parts of your life.

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Melbourne loves a TAXIBOX

100% Storage and no hassle

Great storage, zero hassle

Like regular storage but so much better, easier and fun-er. We come to you, so you can get on with the good stuff.

Helping hands available

Take a (further) load off

Let us do the heavy lifting by combining your TAXIBOX with our removalists. It will save you big bucks and bad backaches.

Save a ton of time with TAXIBOX Mobile Storage

Made for bargain lovers

Forget bucks spent on trucks. TAXIBOX comes directly to you with great rates, no hidden fees, no long-term commitments and a best price guarantee.

Size matter

Size DOES matter

Not to brag, but every TAXIBOX holds around 1-1.5 rooms of furniture, about 120 archive boxes, up to 1 tonne of weight—and they fit into an average sized car space.

Easy access

Access without the fuss

Wanna visit your TAXIBOX? No worries! Give us a bit of warning and we’ll make sure your TAXIBOX is looking spiffy for your reunion.

TAXIBOXES are weatherproof and made tough

We’re the strong, silent type

Every TAXIBOX is raised off the ground, made from tough, durable wood composite structure and wrapped with a heavy-duty weatherproof cover to keep your stuff mould and mildew free.

3 Reasons We’re The Efficient Storage Melbourne Locals Love

Reason #1. Convenience delivered right to your doorstep

With TAXIBOX, it’s all about bringing convenience directly to you. We get it – life in Melbourne can be pretty hectic, which is why we make it so easy to access storage units Melbourne-wide. Just choose when and where, and we’ll deliver a sturdy, weatherproof TAXIBOX right to your location. 

Plus, with our free delivery options and real-time tracking, you can plan your day without any storage hassles. It’s the stress-free way for storage Melbourne locals can’t get enough of – quick, easy and on your terms.

Reason #2. Smart storage solutions with Protect+ and Fetch by TAXIBOX

At TAXIBOX, we’re not just a local storage facility offering portable storage units; we want to make sure you get the secure storage Melbourne dwellers really deserve. And with Protect+, you can keep your stuff extra safe while it’s being stored in our facilities.

And for those who love doing things themselves, there’s Fetch by TAXIBOX. This service allows Melbourne and Sydney residents to take control by driving one of our ‘baby trucks’ to pick up and transport your TAXIBOX.

Reason #3. Effortless estimates and secure storage

Ever tried fitting a square peg into a round hole? That’s what guessing your storage needs can feel like without the right tools. Enter our clever 3D storage calculator, which takes the guesswork out of figuring out how much space you need.

No more endless searches of ‘self storage Melbourne’ or ‘personal storage Melbourne’. Just hop onto our website, punch in your details and voila – you get a visual estimate that makes sense. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I transport my items to a storage unit?

Oh, the good old days of storage – when stuffing your life into boxes and hauling them back and forth across town was the norm. Sound familiar? It was all about packing, securing and loading, then hitting the road for what felt like endless trips to the storage facility. If the storage Melbourne residents had didn’t cut it, you’d find yourself hunting for something halfway across the state, or maybe even checking out storage Perth has to offer or snagging cheap storage Sydney has available for them.

Enter TAXIBOX: the game changer in storage! We bring the storage unit to you. That’s right, straight to your doorstep! Pack at your own pace, load up your stuff, and just say the word. We’ll whisk your TAXIBOX off to our secure facility. No more renting trucks, no repeat trips. Just easy, breezy storage that comes to you. How’s that for a storage solution?

What are the lease terms for storage units in Melbourne?

Lease terms for storage units Melbourne locals need? Yep, they’re as varied as the weather. Before you sign anything, it’s smart to comb through the contract details like you’re looking for Waldo. Keep your eyes peeled for those fees, access hours, security deposits and any quirky conditions that might cramp your style.

But here at TAXIBOX, we like to keep things crystal clear – no surprises, no gotchas. From the get-go, you know exactly what you’re getting into. It’s all about transparency with us, making sure your storage experience is as smooth as your favourite playlist.

How do I choose the right storage facility in Melbourne?

Picking a storage facility? Don’t just type ‘cheap storage Adelaide’ or ‘storage space Melbourne’ into your search bar and call it a day. You’ve got to think about the big stuff, like location, security, costs when you can get to your stuff, and whether the customer service team is as helpful as your best mate.

That’s where TAXIBOX steps in. We’re not just another storage option. We deliver your storage unit right where you need it, make sure it’s as secure as it can be and provide awesome customer service. We’re all about making your storage experience as easy as pie. So, with TAXIBOX, you can kick back and relax, knowing we’ve got all the details covered.

Simplify your storage with TAXIBOX

At TAXIBOX, we’re flipping the script on storage. Our promise? We bring the storage box straight to your door. Say goodbye to playing Tetris with your living or working space and hello to breathing easy.

Ditch the truck rental headaches and the syncing struggles with old-school storage facility hours. Whether you’re chilling in Melbourne or interested in what mobile storage Brisbane residents recommend, locking in your TAXIBOX is as easy as ordering pizza online. Transparent pricing? Check. A team so helpful you’d think they’re your neighbours? Double check.

Ready to stretch out in your newly spacious digs? Book your TAXIBOX today and start living large!