TAXIBOX increases Sydney services with Self Storage Northern Beaches facility

As its name immediately suggests, the Northern Beaches suburb of Sydney is famous for its many distinct beaches. Fronting the Pacific Ocean, this suburb is extremely popular with tourists, particularly beach bums and surfers.

Besides miles and miles of beautiful coastlines, the Northern Beaches is also known for its forest suburbs. The Northern Beaches sits on hilly areas and large expanses of natural bush land.

Because surrounded by the blue of the ocean and the green of its forests, it is therefore no surprise that Northern Beaches attracts many local and foreign tourists annually.

But the appeal of the suburb is not limited to tourists and thrill seekers alone. Northern Beaches is a prime relocation spot for many Australians too. Its relaxed environment draws in hordes of individuals and families who value quiet and tranquility.

Moving to Northern Beaches used to be tough. Self storage facilities have become more and more significant for those who relocate to the suburb. But there have been many complaints about self storage services. Some firms do not match the expectations of their customers, leaving customers unsatisfied with the service or worse, terribly frustrated.

The problem rests on the now-known fact that the entire self storage process is a messy one. Here is one particular scenario that demonstrates this fact.

A family decides to move to Northern Beaches, lured by its beauty and its promise of serenity. They find a house but have to make some adjustments to the house first before they could formally settle in. Some repairs have to be made, for example. Some rooms have to be cleaned up. These are real problems that come up when one moves to another place.

So while the new house is being tidied up and remade, the family decides to store their things from the old house in a self storage facility. This sounds easy at first until the process commences. Then it becomes all chaos.

The family first has to find a reliable self storage service provider. There are a lot of these firms that offer the same services  except one really never fully knows how reliable they are. The family randomly picks one provider. The process does not end there.

They now have to hire a utility vehicle or a van or anything that could fit all their things. This is a tough thing to do especially when one considers how hard it is to find service providers that are true to their promises.

After this, the family has to hire movers because obviously they cannot move and lift and transport their lots of things all by themselves.

Still not done, on the day of the moving, there’s the long and tedious drive to the storage facility in Northern Beaches if they are lucky. If they are not lucky, the facility could turn up to be somewhere miles and miles away from their new home.

And all this is just the one-way trip to the storage facility. Everything will have to be done again in reverse as soon as the family’s new home is fully renovated. Their things need to be fetched in the storage facility. This means a whole new round of hiring utility vehicles again, a new round of hiring movers again, and a new round of tiring driving again.

A young company in Australia has considered all these inconveniences and decided its customers should not be burdened by these unnecessary steps in self storage. This company TAXIBOX therefore has created a mobile self storage facility called a taxibox.

The mobility of the storage facility is what sets the taxibox apart from the competition. With this new service from TAXIBOX, the storage comes to the customer, not the other way around. Self storage is reduced to three easy steps:

  1. TAXIBOX delivers the taxibox right at the doorstep of the customer.
  2. The customer gets to pack his or her things at his of her own pace and comfort.
  3. TAXIBOX collects the taxibox for storage in a secure location in Northern Beaches.

TAXIBOX makes self storage easy as it should be, and for the most affordable rates. Nothing comes close to the convenience, efficiency and affordability of the services offered by TAXIBOX.

Moving to Northern Beaches and need self storage? Visit our self storage Northern Beaches information page on our Sydney storage section of the website to book your TAXIBOX storage solution online!