TAXIBOX Self-Storage Brisbane Prices Now Available

TAXIBOX self-storage Brisbane prices now available

TAXIBOX in Brisbane is very competitive in ensuring we have the best price for mobile self-storage. It’s a very easy process with the first delivery to your door free of charge.

The TAXIBOX is incredibly convenient and cost-efficient, because you can do the loading yourself without having to hire a van or having to drive to the Brisbane storage facility. Once you are finished loading up your Brisbane self-storage unit, we pick it up again and transport it safely back to our secure Brisbane indoor storage facility.

Brisbane customers who choose to use TAXIBOX can take advantage of our special rates which are available on our website – get a free instant quote now!

TAXIBOX is the true storage leader in Brisbane where cost-effectiveness is concerned. We are able to save our customers a ton of money, simply by providing storage in a different way.
As we mentioned before, the majority of the money that people save relates to transport, handling, tolls and petrol.. An additional benefit to that is the fact that you will not encounter any hidden costs with us. No hidden fees and costs, this is the way storage should be!

Still not convinced? We do also have a best price guarantee so if you can find a similar service that you think beats our price just send us through you’re quote and we’ll beat it! If you still don’t believe that TAXIBOX Brisbane is the best option for you, just check out our testimonial page which is full of honest feedback from our past and current customers our check our Facebook page.

We also provide insurance on our Brisbane TAXIBOXES and it’s easily added to your account at any stage. Insurance costs $3 per $1000 coverage with a minimum of $5000 which works out to be an extra $15 a month on top of our already low prices (pricing current at time of publication – check out our insurance brochure online for the latest details).

How does TAXIBOX work?

TAXIBOX in Brisbane is a cheap and easy service that makes moving or putting belongings into storage a breeze. We guarantee the cheapest pricing for mobile self-storage in Brisbane. Customers can jump online to the booking page. To get a quote or call one of our friendly team on 1300 87 60 87 and they will happily run you through the process and advise how many TAXIBOXES will best suit your needs.

Mobile Self-storage in Brisbane couldn’t be any easier, TAXIBOX delivers directly to your door. You load it up pop a padlock on and we will then return and pick up the TAXIBOX returning it to our secure indoor storage facility in Brisbane or move you directly to your new address.

If customers would like its free of charge to check-in at our facility. If you already have removalists arranged why not get them to deliver directly to our facility in Northgate. If you check-in checking out is also free of charge. If removalists are required to help with packing or even with moving we have worked closely with removalists in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. You can check out their details on our removalist page they can assist you load your TAXIBOX after we have delivered out to you, or even bring your things directly into our storage facility. Using removalists combined with TAXIBOXES can save you up to 50% off your removalist costs!

Throughout your storage term access to your TAXIBOX in Brisbane is free of charge and can be arranged with 24hrs notice and a simple form submitted through our website.
And at the end of your storage term when you’re ready for your belonging’s to be returned to you just simply reverse the process and deliver your belongings back to you. All you need to do is submit the re-delivery form through our website.

Depending on how long you store with us and where your TAXIBOXES are delivered (in Brisbane or another city we operate in) at the end of storage your re-delivery may be free of charge customers).

How big is a TAXIBOX?

TAXIBOX mobile self-storage is the most cost effective storage in Brisbane, with the flexibility of coming to you TAXIBOX takes all the stress out of moving or putting belongings into storage. The TAXIBOX it quite big an each TAXIBOX can hold up to a room to a room and a half of household belongings. The External measurements of the TAXIBOX are 2.4 long. 1.5 wide and 2.2 high and internally 2.32 long, 1.46 wide and 1.98 high. It also has a weather proof cover that protects the TAXIBOX from any water damage whilst outside.

Decluttering or need onsite storage?

TAXIBOX also offers onsite storage, this is for customers that need a little more storage at home whilst they are renovating or decluttering around the house. They can keep the TAXIBOX onsite on an off street location e.g. driveway, backyard if there is access etc.

Whether it’s a large project or just a small renovations TAXIBOX Brisbane can help you out!

The difference between TAXIBOX and other Brisbane storage companies are with us you only pay for the space that you use. Our modular system allows you to separate different rooms into different TAXIBOXES to make it easy if you only need a few things in storage at one time or if you need some items re-delivered earlier than others.

De-cluttering? Or maybe you’re doing renovations and could use a little more space at TAXIBOX we can certainly help make the job easier.

TAXIBOX also has any packing supplies you might need like moving blankets, bubble wrap, moving boxes, portable robes. Anything you need we have it! We even have trolley hire for just $25 Jump online and checkout our packing supplies.

We would love to help you out with your storage needs so when you’re ready, give us a call on 1300 87-60-87 or book online.

We can’t wait to speak with you!