Mobile Storage What Is The Cost Of Self Storage Brisbane With TAXIBOX?

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TAXIBOX turns your stuff into space

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What Is The Cost Of Self Storage in Brisbane With TAXIBOX?

TAXIBOX mobile self-storage offers the best prices for storage in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. TAXIBOX mobile self-storage believes that an excellent Brisbane self-storage solution should not only be convenient but cost effective as well. TAXIBOX is the true mobile self-storage leader in Brisbane especially where cost-effectiveness is concerned. We are able to save our customers a ton of money by simply providing storage in a unique and different way.

Did you know that you can save on more than just your storage fees?

The TAXIBOX is unbelievably convenient and cost-efficient. You can do the loading of your TAXIBOX yourself without having to hire a van or having to drive to the storage facility. This means that you don’t have to waste money on petrol or tolls. We will deliver as many TAXIBOXES as you need in order to get your belongings stored. You load up the TAXIBOXES with your belongings and the will return to pick up your TAXIBOXES and then store them in our secure storage facility in Brisbane for as long as you need.

Modular storage is cheaper! TAXIBOX mobile self-storage in Brisbane is a modular storage system this means you are not using and paying for extra storage space that you don’t use and don’t need. Traditional self -storage facilities generally offer you a large storage space that may end up being half empty whereas we will simply send out as many TAXIBOXES as you need to get the job done. Also, if you are unsure of how much storage you need then we can send you out an extra TAXIBOX as a back-up and if you don’t use the TAXIBOX we will simply take back the empty

TAXIBOX and you won’t be charged for it! If you do need the storage it is there for you to use. With traditional self-storage in Brisbane, you would need to load all you belongings into the storage unit to then realise it is too small and then need to unload everything and reload into a larger storage unit. This will cost you both time and money.

Did you find a cheaper price for mobile self-storage in Brisbane? Not a problem at all! We are so confident that we have the best prices in the market for mobile self-storage in Brisbane that we are happy to offer a best price guarantee and offer a 5% discount if you find a better price from one of our competitors.

As we mentioned before, the majority of the money that people save relates to transport, handling, tolls and petrol. You only pay for the TAXIBOX and all these things are already included in the price of the TAXIBOX. An additional benefit to that is the fact that you will not encounter any hidden costs with us. No hidden fees and costs mean no nasty surprises. This is the way storage should be!

Whilst many self-storage facilities may allow you to access your storage there may be a fee associated with this. At TAXIBOX mobile self-storage you won’t pay a thing to access. It is free, easy and convenient. This means that you can put more things in your TAXIBOX or take things out as many times as you like and as often as you like.

Did you know that we offer a great range of affordable packing supplies? We have all the different packing supplies that you will need to pack and protect your belonging whilst they are in storage. We will even deliver these items out to you free of charge with your TAXIBOX. Just like your TAXIBOX, we will even pick up any unused packing supplies when we pick up your TAXIBOXES. Whatever packing supplies you haven’t used will simply be taken off your account and you won’t be charged. This means you can order more than you think you will need and won’t be left with unused moving blankets and boxes lying around.

We also can give you money back on your moving blankets saving you even more money. After emptying your TAXIBOXES simply bring your moving blankets back to our storage facility and we will refund you $7 per moving blanket (amount correct as at time of writing). What a great deal!

Do you need someone to help you pack your TAXIBOX in Brisbane? We can put you in touch with some trusty, cost effective, reliable removalists to help you out. Using removalists can actually save you money when it comes to packing up your TAXIBOX. Unlike traditional storage where the removalists need to pack and unpack at your place and the self-storage facility, with TAXIBOX the removalist only packs once therefore you safe a heap of money.

Consider this example:

Standard self-storage facility:

  • Removalists – $82.5 per hour
  • Hours required to load goods into the truck – ~4 hours
  • Hours required for removalists to drive to storage facility – ~30 minutes
  • Hours required to unload goods from truck into storage unit – ~4 hours
  • Cost for removalists: 17 hours @ $82.50 = $1402.50 ($701.25 each way)

TAXIBOX scenario:


  • Removalists – $82.5 per hour
  • Hours required to load goods into your TAXIBOX – ~4 hours
  • Hours required for removalists to drive to storage facility – not required
  • Hours required to unload goods from truck into storage unit – not required
  • Cost for removalists: 8 hours @ $82.50 = $660 ($330 each way)

That works out to be a saving of over $700!

Extra convenience and a huge saving is also delivered by the fact that customers do not have to drive anywhere to use our storage solution. We do all the driving for you, so this eliminates significant travelling costs as well.

Everyone that uses TAXIBOX mobile self-storage will be aware that not only do we offer a cost effective solution to our customers but also a solution that is incredibly convenient as well. You can

load your TAXIBOX in Brisbane at your leisure . You can keep the TAXIBOX with you at your address in Brisbane for a few days weeks or even months!

So, if you want the most cost-effective storage solution around, call TAXIBOX!