Interstate moving to Brisbane


Whether you’re moving interstate to Brisbane from Sydney or Melbourne, you’ll need a trustworthy and reliable interstate service to help get you there.


We offer portable, self-storage modules that can be transported interstate to meet you at your new Brisbane home. TAXIBOX moving services work similar to that of a removalist or backloading company, except that we’re more affordable, more flexible and more secure. Simply arrange to have one of our mobile storage units delivered to your door, take your timing packing your things and once you’re finished, we’ll come back to collect it and have it meet you at your new interstate address.




1.    Public Transport

Much like the other eastern states, Brisbane has an excellent public transport system which favours an integrated go card ticketing system, making traveling by public transport easier than ever. When in the city, look out for the Citycat ferry service, which is a free public service that runs within the city centre perimeter. To plan your journey ahead or for further information regarding the public transport system in Brisbane, visit the Translink website.


2.    Daylight savings

Brisbane is one of the few states in Australia that does not have daylight savings. If you’re moving interstate to Brisbane be prepared to be an hour in front of the rest of the Eastern states during the warmer months.


3.    Climate

Brisbane is known as the ‘sunny state’ due to its subtropical climate, which means that residents enjoy warm, sunny weather all year round. Unlike the rest of Australia, the summer season is usually the least favourite season (the worst of the best) as it can be very hot and humid and is prone to thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. However, don’t let this put you off as the winters are very mild and the spring time is absolute perfection, with warm days and little rain. If you’re moving interstate to this sunny state don’t forget to slip slop slap, as sun cream is a daily essential when living in Brisbane.


4.    Property Market

If you’re moving from interstate, then you’re moving to Brisbane at the right time. Brisbane is currently a buyers’ market, offering the most affordable housing on the East coast. Brisbane has been labeled one of the most livable cities in the world, thanks to its affordable living, healthy lifestyle and plentiful job opportunities. Did you know that the median house price in Brisbane has an approximate price tag of $512,000? Which is incredibly low compared to the $996,000 median house price in Sydney! There has never been a better time to make the move to this incredible state.


5.    Beaches

Be mindful when choosing what area of Brisbane to move to, as the coast is more wetland than beaches. If you’re moving interstate to Brisbane to live the laid back beach lifestyle, then consider living in the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast where beaches are in an abundance. There is also a man-made beach and lagoon at South Bank Parklands called Streets Beach, which is the only man-made and inner-city beach in Australia. If living on the beaches doorstop isn’t a necessity for you, then that’s okay because the ocean is still only a short drive and makes for a great day trip.



So…when you’re moving to Brisbane from interstate state and if you’ve considered a backloading or removalist service, there is a better way. Check out TAXIBOX’s interstate moving service here. We offer the easiest and most convenient way to store and/or move your belongings in Australia’s three major cities. Contact us today and ask about how our mobile, self-storage boxes can assist your Brisbane move!




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